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February 1, 2023

It is with great pain and sorrow that I have to inform you about the passing of Rafael.

He created this site in 2002 and spent almost every single day on it with updates. It was so important for him and I am thankful for everybody that were in contact with him and also to all the wonderful peope we had the pleasure to meet during all these years thanks to this site

ABBA meant so much for him. He once told me that when he was eleven, he lived in Poland then, he asked his mother if he could attend a language course in swedish because he wanted to know what Agnetha was singing about. It was him at that course together with 15 young women that hoped to meet a swedish man.


Rest In Peace my love, my friend and my husband



P.S. I will keep this site online for a couple of years - however no updates will be done.


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