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Updates/new pictures ABBA 1981/82







Lots of previously unseen ABBA pictures from 1980 found and added on @raffem.com






New Agnetha pictures 1971-1979







Lots of rare ABBA pictures from 1977 added







ABBA in Poland 1976 - new pictures added







Rare ABBA 1981 pictures added





Lots of rare ABBA pictures from 1975 added





New ABBA & Bucks Fizz pictures added








New pictures - Bucks Fizz 1982. Bucks Fizz news updated - new album coming in 2017!!!







New ABBA-related releases updated





Updates - new pictures in Frida 1992-93







New Frida pictures from 1971 added






Updates & new pictures ABBA in Melbourne 1977 & Bucks Fizz 1982








Updates & new pictures Bucks Fizz 2017




Updates - new pictures - Agnetha 1982. New Bucks Fizz pictures 1983-84.







Updates & new pictures - Bucks Fizz 1983






ABBA 1975 - updates & new rare pictures added







ABBA 1981 - updates and new pictures






Rare Frida pictures from 1982/83 added






Lots of updates and new rare pictures of Agnetha Fältskog 1983






New rare Bucks Fizz pictures from 1981-1983 added







Frida early days updated with new pictures. Updates and new pictures Agnetha 1982.

@frida_early_days    @agnetha_1982





ABBA in Poland 1976 - new rare pictures added. "Mamma Mia" in Poland - new pictures & updates.







New rare Agnetha pictures 1970-1071 added






New rare ABBA pictures from 1976 added






ABBA in Spain 1974 - new pictures added






Updates in ABBA 1979







ABBA 1982 updated - new rare pictures added






Updates Bucks Fizz 2017, ABBA 1981







Making ABBA The Movie - ABBA and horses - new pictures






Updates - Frida 1986/87








New ABBA related places added - Pildammsteatern in Malmö - brand new pictures!