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 Lots  of rare ABBA pictures from 1978 added.






"Chess" in Danish out now.

Updates - ABBA related music

Updates - Rosenstolz








ABBA early years updated - new pictures added. Rosenstolz news updated







Unbelievable! More previously unseen pictures from ABBA's stay in Poland found and added.






Where were ABBA on August 30th, 1976? Rare ABBA pictures 1976 added.

Unique pictures of Bucks Fizz 1983.







Updates - Frida 1984, Bucks Fizz 1983








Rare ABBA 1980 pictures added






ABBA in Warsaw 1976 - new pictures added.





Updates - Rosenstolz 2000-2001








Read the message from Anna & Peter






New ABBA pictures from 1979 added






Updates - ABBA 1973, the Malmö photo sessions, Melodifestivalen





Updates - new pictures - Bucks Fizz 1981-1982






Updates - Frida 82-83






Frida was one of the guests on John Ledin's wedding in Kristianstad (southern Sweden) on Saturday August 18th. John is son to Tomas and Marie Ledin - Marie is daughter to Stikkan Anderson and Tomas is great pop star in Sweden known for his cooperation with ABBA, Agnetha and Frida.




ABBA 1978 - new pictures added






New pictures - Frida before ABBA

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Updates ABBA 1977 & 1978







New ABBA pictures added.






Making of Mamma Mia - Here we go again - lots of rare pictures added







More ABBA 1976 updates - new rare pictures






Updates - ABBA 1976







Updates - tons of beautiful pictures from Mamma Mia - Here We Go Again added