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The Lost Masters 2


The new double CD 'Lost Masters 2 - The Final Cut' featuring rare tracks of BUCKS FIZZ was released on May 19th, 2008 in Great Britain. The collection contained 28 tracks according to the track listing and several hidden surprises.

The first track on the CD 1 is the full-length version of the 1984 hit "Talking in Your Sleep" followed by edited versions of "Breaking me up" and "Rules of the Game" (the TV version with dead ending). The demo version of "Piece of the Action" sounds quite different to the well-known LP/SP one. The remix of "My Camera Never Lies" contains several differences and additional vocal overdubs. The demo of "Don't Think You're Foolin' me" sounds quite... Scottish. The rock mix of "Magical" is in many ways unique as it features an intro sung by Jay Aston who by the time of this recording session was leaving the group in spring-early summer 1985. "Golden Days" has been newly remixed and it sounds completely different but it features the same vocals as the original recording with some more focus on Cheryl and Jay. The early mix of "If You Can't Stand the Heat" is slightly different to the final version of the song and "You and Your Heart So Blue" performed by Cheryl is one more different version to the ones included on the "Lost Masters 1".

The early mix of "The Right Situation" is dominated by the guys' voices and the contribution from Jay and Cheryl is minimal, the arrangement reminds much more of "Making Your Mind Up". One of the highlights from the album "I Hear Talk" the song "Tears on the Ballroom Floor" sung by Cheryl had richer arrangement from the beginning as we can hear on this early demo. The original album version became more rough and synthesizer-based according to the musical trends in the early 1980s.

The previously unreleased "Every dream has broken" appears on this compilation in an alternate version but it is quite different to hear any bigger difference between this mix and the one from the Lost Masters 1. The first hidden track on the CD1 is a delete vocal part of "Now You're Gone". The two others are themes from two TV shows - none of the hidden tracks last more than appr 30 seconds.

The opening track on CD2 is an alternate version of "Another Night" - the song which was hit in Japan in 1981 in connection to Bucks Fizz appearance on the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival. This version was recorded for promo purposes in Japan and it features partly different text. The mix of "Easy Love" is called for "European version" and it was recorded for TV promotion of the single which was released in West Germany. An absolutely unknown track written by Bobby entitled "Putting the heat on" is probably from the "Big Deal" period as it sounds in this way and seems not to feature the other Bucks Fizz members as background singers. The extended remix of "Run for your Life" sounds good but it was done in 2008 without any participation of the group.

The demo version of "One of those nights" is a very interesting example of how a song can develop. The early version of "Invisible" sounds as strong as the final one and it's a pity that it did not appeared on the album. The TV version of the ballad "You love love" is featured in the show promoting "Hand Cut" and it's nice to have it on CD. The 7" version of "Cold War" must have been thought as a possible single release in 1984 but the idea was abandoned. The Jay Aston classic from 1981 "Getting Kinda Lonely" appears here in a long version which sounds even better than the album version. One more Bobby production from the "Big Deal" era is entitled "Because of Susan".

"Indebted to you" from 1984 with Jay Aston singing lead vocals is absolutely interesting and it once again shows that it was extremely difficult to find a good vocal balance for this song. Maybe Cheryl would make it even better.  The 2008 mix of "The Land of Make Believe" sounds really great - absolutely useful for a disco night. One more completely unknown track performed by Cheryl "Let's Get Wet" appears for the first time on this CD. Being a huge admirer of Cheryl I don't find this song as the most excited she's ever done but nice to hear it anyway. One more remix of "Every Dream has Broken" appears as the last track on CD2. The hidden track is "Now Those Days Are Gone" in demo version performed by Andy Hill.

On TV on 8 October

The former members of Bucks Fizz - Cheryl Baker, Jay Aston, Mike Nolan and Shelley Preston appeared on Living TV on Wednesday October 8th (see the show info below).

Photo sessions 2008




Cheryl in the British press about the make-over project.



The 2008 reunion without Bobby?

from "Daily Mail"

Bucks Fizz reunite ahead of bizarre cosmetic surgery comeback show
Eurovision song contest winners Bucks Fizz have reunited at the birthday celebration for cable channel Living TV. Fittingly, as the group are set to film new reality show for which they will go under the knife and stage a comeback concert. Three original members Cheryl Baker, 54, and Jay Aston, 47, Mike Nolan, 54, posed with Shelly Preston, who later took Aston's place in the popular group.  But clearly, the years have not been kind to everyone.

Leggy blondes Jay and Shelly showed off their toned bodies in mini dresses and high heels. Cheryl, who has fought a public battle with her weight looked rather matronly in head to toe black. And Mike Nolan's shiny shirt hid what looked like a substantial mid-life paunch, but despite his greying hair he has retained his boyish looks.

He hit the headlines in 1984 when the group's tour bus crashed, leaving him in a coma. Hopefully the bandmates will benefit from the group's latest venture.

In 'Pop Goes The Band', they, along with other long-forgotten groups, including Bananarama, have reformed for a TV special in which they'll all have plastic surgery. The show promises they will be 'restored to their former glory through strenuous fitness regimes, painful cosmetic and in some cases, major plastic surgery'.




Jay is back!

Jay's comeback after 24 years

The Original Bucks Fizz featuring: Cheryl Baker, Jay Aston and Mike Nolan appeared at Heaven Nightclub in London on 16.5.2009 as part of G-A-Y's annual Eurovison Party night. This was the first official public performance by Jay Aston, Cheryl Baker and Mike Nolan since 1985 when Jay left the group and it was even the first performance since the announcement of Jay's return to the 'Original Bucks Fizz' line up. The band performed among others the 1983 smash hit with Jay's lead vocal "When We Were Young".



Eurovision 2009

The Bucks Fizz members: Cheryl, Jay and Mike were special guests in the BBC News in May commenting the Eurovision Song Contest 2009.



The 2009 photo sessions



Thanet Pride

At the end of July 2009 Cheryl, Mike and Jay performed on "Thanet Pride" Festival.



The Splash Tour 2009 feat: Cheryl, Jay & Mike

The Original Bucks Fizz embarked on their UK tour on 6 October 2009.

Special thanks for the photos to Sara Russel



The Box

A new box set "The Platinum Collection" including 4 CDs was released in the UK on 16 November 2009. It contains totally 73 tracks featuring both greatest hits, rare remixes and previously unreleased tracks.




New single

The Original Bucks Fizz released their first single on Monday 24th May 2010, a reworking of the classic 'I Hear Talk' download. This stunning jazzy live version of the song featuring Cheryl in lead vocal was recorded during the Splash Tour 2009. The second track entitled "Everlasting Love" is also a live recording from the same tour featuring Jay in lead vocal. The song appeared originally on Jays solo album "Alive and well".


The Bucks Fizz story on DVD

The TV special "The Bucks Fizz story" saw its DVD release in limited edition in July 2010. The special edition contains an extra DVD featuring several interesting extras as: Bobby's Bucks Fizz in Tiverton 2009, Original Bucks Fizz with Shelley in Hammersmith 2008, the video "I Hear Talk" 2010, The Original Masters with Dean Murphy and finally "Where are they now". "The Bucks Fizz Story" features interviews with all five members of the group as well as lots of unique footage with Bucks Fizz.



Jay Aston - photo session

Beautiful photo session featuring Jay.




The late late show

Bucks Fizz (except Bobby) were guests in the Irish TV show "The late late show" on February 11th, 2011. They were interviewed and even performed "Making Your Mind Up" live in the studio.




Cheryl and Jay were featured in the Boyz magazine (front cover + article) issued on April 14th.




The Original Bucks Fizz appeared in the TV show "Alan Titchmarsh Show Performance" on April 14th, 2011. They gave a short interview and performed "Making Your Mind Up".



Up until now...

New double CD package entitled "Up Until Now... - The 30th anniversary Hits Collection" saw its release on May 3rd, 2011. Absolutely stunning compilation on two CDs featuring lots of previously unreleased alternative versions of Bucks Fizz' hits and a whole disc with extended versions.

Disc 1 features all chart hits in both their original and alternative versions. There are several rarities here as for instance completely different version of "London Town" (TV mix), alternative mix of "Magical", completely different TV mix of "Rules of the Game", single version of "I Hear Talk", TV mix of "When We Were Young", Heart of Stone with Cheryl's lead vocal, You And Your Heart So Blue - 2011 mix and finally a 2011 anniversary remix of "Making Your Mind Up".

Disc 2 contains extended versions and among them previously unreleased long versions of "Piece of the Action", "Magical" and "What's love Got To Do With It".


The 30th anniversary tour - various photo sessions

Photo sessions in connection to the 30th anniversary tour in 2011.

The Bucks Fizz drink session


The red session


The pearls session


The library session


More pictures



The Eurovision night

Mike Nolan, Cheryl Baker and Jay Aston sang their classic Making Your Mind Up to revellers at London's G-A-Y nightclub on Saturday May 14th.



London, Palladium, July 11, 2011

This night was the best gift for a sincere Bucks Fizz fan since 1981. The show was absolutely great and Cheryl, Jay and Mike were in a stunning form. The group sang their greatest hits, new songs from the upcoming new album and some surprises as for instance Jay's wonderful performance of "Invisible". Vocal highlights were without doubt "I Hear Talk" and "Now Those Days are Gone". The show lasted for more than 1 hour 40 minutes and ended with "Making Your Mind Up" with brand new dance routine which did not have to much with the 1981 appearance to do. Having Jay Aston back in the band makes possible to do a real Bucks Fizz appearance without Bobby G whose lead vocals are performed by Mike Nolan without any bigger problems.

Bucks Fizz were supported this night by Björn Again performing several ABBA covers with a big success. Palladium was dancing and singing for many ours. Absolutely big 30th anniversary evening.


Raffem.com?  Jay: "Oh yes, I know this site..."; Cheryl & Mike: "Yes sure and you are coming from Sweden to see us - wonderful". Meeting the band.



The very best...

A new box compilation of the group's hits was released by Readers Digest in 2011. The box contained 3 CDs featuring totally 57 songs and a booklet with the story of the band.





The former members of Bucks Fizz: Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston have officially formed the band "OBF" according to their homepage released on Wednesday April 4th, 2012.


Writing on the Wall - the ultimate edition

The ultimate edition of the album "Writing on the Wall" saw its release on April 16th, 2012. The double CD package featured remastered versions of the songs from the original album, alternative remixes, demos and previously unreleased tracks recorded during the sessions for the album. There has been even included solo stuff recorded by Bobby, Cheryl, Shelley as well as medleys from the Fairfields sessions and the 2011 extended remix of "Soul Motion".



Original Bucks Fizz live DVD

A full-length DVD featuring the Original Bucks Fizz (Cheryl, Mike, Jay) live came out on October 29th, 2012. The DVD contains concert filmed during the Splash Tour 2009 as well as interviews with the three original Bucks Fizz members and backstage footage.



Fame & Fortune

The first new studio album for 26 years featuring Jay Aston, Cheryl Baker and Mike Nolan aka The Original Bucks Fizz was released in the summer 2012 but it can be first now purchased at the internet shop on the official homepage of the group. The album contains 12 songs - 6 of the brand new compositions and 6 old Bucks Fizz hits with new arrangements.




Mike goes solo

In September 2012 Mike went into a studio in Essex and started recording sessions for his solo album. He worked with the album over ten weeks. He recorded totally 14 tracks for the album release which is due to on May 13th, 2013


The best of The Lost Masters


The best of The Lost Masters saw its digital release on April 29th. The release features 25 songs - 9 of them previously unreleased.




In My Life

The solo album "In My Life" was released on May 13th, 2013.




Mike gave several performances as well as made a video to "Desperado".


Jay in "The Last Days of Edgar Harding"

Jay is acting in the movie "The Last Days of Edgar Harding" which was released on DVD in the UK in June 2013.



Cheryl and Mike start the Christmas season

The festive lights in Cambridge have been switched on by Cheryl Baker on November 17th, 2013. The Bucks Fizz star lined up alongside the mayor, Paul Saunders, and winners of the Cambridge Has Talent competition as part of The Big Switch On in the market square. Cheryl revealed Cambridge was one of her favourite cities and wished the crowd a “very merry Christmas”. She said: “I love it here, it’s such a beautiful city. The atmosphere is great and everyone is in such a festive mood, the square looks spectacular.” The Big Switch On followed a day of festivities, as four sets of lights were turned on throughout the day.

Cheryl, who also lit up the Grand Arcade, added: “Christmas is my favourite time of year, my mum and dad got married on Christmas Day so it’s a very special day for me. As soon as the summer is over I start looking forward to it and head out to do my shopping. I often visit Cambridge on girly trips to the shops and bars and I have to say it looks even more lovely than usual lit up. “I used to play gigs here years ago and I’ve got more coming up. I would like to say a very merry Christmas to everyone in Cambridge.” Bucks Fizz star Mike Nolan surprised crowds when he joined Cheryl, who is set to appear in rock and roll musical Happy Days at the Corn Exchange next April.



The Classic Collection 1981-1985

A new double CD compilation Bucks Fizz "Classic Collection 1981-1985" was released in the UK on December 9th, 2013. It contains 34 songs recorded and released during the group's glory period after the Eurovision victory in April 1981 until 1985 when Jay Aston left the group. The compilation features all single chart hits, several B-sides, maxi versions as well as one live recording. Fantastic music recorded by the original line-up: Jay Aston, Cheryl Baker, Bobby G and Mike Nolan.




Jay goes solo

On 5th May, Jay officially released her new single "True Love". It's a jaunty little number: the lyrics are fun and down-to-earth and Jay surprises once again with a quirky vocal style very different to what fans are used to. Catchy and old-school but with a nod to contemporary production techniques, all Bucks Fizz and Jay Aston fans should buy this track on the first week of release and get this talented singer-songwriter back in the charts where she belongs. 


The video

The first promotional video for the single selection "True Love" had its premiere on Youtube on May 1st, 2014. The video had been directed by Stephen Fox - on the picture below together with Jay.



In Bournemouth

On Friday July 11th, 2014 Cheryl, Jay and Mike performed on the festival in Bournemouth. This time the group appeared as quartet again inviting a talented singer and an old Bucks Fizz fan Stephen Fox. They sang old and new songs as: My Camera Never Lies, Golden Days, When We Were Young, Now Those Days Are Gone, The Day is Mine and many more.



Remixes and rarities

The new Bucks Fizz compilation of rarities saw its release on July 21th, 2014. It assembles rare tracks from the archive (including early B-sides) alongside Bucks Fizz’s hit singles from the golden era of the 1980s, in their ORIGINAL FULL-LENGTH EXTENDED VERSIONS.  Nineteen tracks appear on CD for the first time, including ‘Big Deal’ (both 7 and 12 inch mixes), ‘I Hear Talk' (U.S Disconet Mix)’ and the ultra-rare ‘Another Night’ (Live Yamaha Song Contest). Exclusive debuts on CD include extended versions of ‘Heart Of Stone’, ‘Every Dream Has Broken’ and ‘One Of Those Nights’. Also new to CD are ‘I Hear Talk' (Extra Talk Mix) with all five members on, and the duet, ‘Oh Suzanne’, with both Cheryl & Jay singing, and the in-demand Fat Dog Remix of ‘Making Your Mind Up’. 




Jay, Cheryl, Mike and Steven Fox were touring in the UK during the autumn. The photos below from the show on November 29th, 2014.



The 2015 tour

“Cheryl, Mike and Jay, formerly of Bucks Fizz, with special guest Bobby McVay” will go on tour in 2015. The tour starts on April 4th, 2015. See details below.



The Paradise Regained tour

Cheryl, Jay, Mike and Bobby McVay started their tour at the beginning of April.



The Definitive Editions

The first five Bucks Fizz albums from the period of 1981-1984 were released in the series "the definitive editions". The Spanish album from 1982 was released for the very first time in the remastered version as a bonus CD in the first set. Every album was released as a double CD with bonus tracks and alternative remixes of the songs from the albums.



The tour in the UK continues

The band continued its tour in summer 2015. At the same time the Cheryl, Jay, Mike Fanclub included even Bobby McVay.



Bucks Fizz performed on the Stockholm Pride on July 30th, 2015.




Live 1984 - DVD

Bucks Fizz live 1984 was released on DVD on February 29th, 2016. Below you can read a message from Stephen Fox who created this DVD.

Message from Stephen Fox:

Well it's been about 4 years in the making (I won't bore you with the details but i had my work cut out on this project!) but I am pleased to finally bring you the Bucks Fizz 1984 full concert limited edition DVD. Like the 83 DVD last year, the footage is from one camera so don't expect the multi camera shots of All that Glitters DVD, but some of the shots are great and I've worked with the theme of the show in the edit (George Orwells 1984) to make it something that is entertaining and yet keeping the full show intact. Click on the following link to watch the trailer so you know what to expect then pre-order your copy using the buy now button. The release date is 29th February but the last one sold out in 2 weeks so if you want to purchase it don't delay too long. The DVD also has an extra feature which i'm sure you will all love smile emoticon.

Check the link: http://bucksfizzlive1984.moonfruit.com/home


Fame & Fortune? on vinyl

The latest album of (formerly of) Bucks Fizz "Fame & Fortune?" saw its release on vinyl in March 2016. The picture of Bobby V who joined the group on  the 2015 tour in the UK has been added on the picture cover of the album. The gatefold sleeve features several pictures from the 2015 tour and messages from the four members of the group. The set contains a vinyl LP and CD.


The Land of Make Believe tour 2016

Jay, Cheryl, Mike and Bobby V went on tour "The Land of Make Believe" in the summer and fall 2016. The tour was promoted in British massmedia.


The premiere of the new show of The Land of Make Believe Tour had its premiere on September 16th



Rose of Cimarron - Mike

Mike released his second solo album "Rose of Cimarron" in October 2016. The album contains 12 tracks featuring duet with his Bucks Fizz pal Cheryl Baker on "Islands in the Stream".



I Spy - Jay

Jay released her new solo album " I Spy" in October 2016. The album contains 10 tracks including the hit " True Love".



Cheryl sings Joni

Cheryl Baker released her tribute EP to Joni Mitchell featuring four songs in October 2016.


Gay Times

"Gay Times" published an new interview with Jay and Cheryl in its November issue. Read the interview below.



Tour 2017

25thFebruary 2017 - Here & Now, Butlins, Minehead
9th March 2017 - The Vauxhall Tavern

10th March 2017 - Butlins Bognor
11 March 2017 - Regal Theatre, Redruth
18th March 2017 - Blackpool, Merrie England Bar, North Pier
25th March 2017 - The Daisy Ball, Hilton Hotel Glasgow 
6th May 2017 - Butlins, Skegness
7th May 2017 - Butlins, Bognor
20th May 2017 Westlands Entertainment Venue Yeovil Tel: 01935 422884
9TH June 2017 - Viva Blackpool
29th June Town Hall Dudley 
30th June 2017 Alun Armstrong Theatre Stanley 
20th July 2017 - Plaza Theatre, Stockport
21st July 2017 - Pontefract Race Course
13th Aug 2017 - Jack Up The Eighties Isle of Wight
22nd Sep 2017 - Palace Theatre Westcliff on Sea 
23rd Sep - Butlins Minehead28th September 2017 - The Forum, Billingham
29th September 2017 - Playhouse, Whitley Bay
30th September 2017 - Civic Theatre, Rotherham
6th October Butlins Bognor

12 October City Varieties Leeds 
13 October 2017 - Forum Theatre, Barrow
15th October Grove Theatre Dunstable 
19th October - Bath Halls Scunthorpe 
20th October - Buccleth Centre Langholm Scottish Borders 
21 October 2017 - Marine Hall, Fleetwood
11th November - The Stag Sevenoaks
12th November - Harlequin Theatre Redhill
17th November - Bruce Hotel East Kilbride
18th November - Memorial Theatre Lanark
24 November 2017 - Hotel Marbella Benidorm

Cheryl, Jay, Mike & Bobby on tour 2017

Picture Gallery 2017




Cheryl, Jay, Mike and Bobby were special guests in the Good Morning Britain show on ITV on Tuesday May 9th. They were talking about current activities, Eurovision and Bucks Fizz memories.



Dancing in the Rain - the video

The group filmed a video to a new song "Dancing in the Rain" on July 19th, 2017.


Dancing in the Rain - the single

The new Fizz single "Dancing in the Rain" had its premiere on the BBC radio on August 1st, 2017.


The group was promoting the single by appearances on radio & TV.



On the radio

On August 19th, The Fizz were special guests in the radio show on BBC Radio 2. There was an interview with the group and three songs played during the show: "The Land of Make Believe", "Now Those Days Are Gone" and the latest single "Dancing in the Rain".


Dancing in The Rain

The Fizz promote their single "Dancing in The Rain" on the radio, internet and TV. The first video is also released featuring the group playing with umbrellas.


The Fizz - New album

New album "The f-z of Pop" was released under the name "The Fizz" on September 22nd, 2017. The album features new versions of three Bucks Fizz songs and new stuff written partly by the members of the group.

Track list - see below.



12. UP FOR THE FIGHT (extended version)
13. BREAK THE ICE (extended version)
14. PIECE OF THE ACTION 2017 (extended version)


On BBC radio

On September 23rd, The Fizz were special guests on the BBC Radio where they performed live.



The Fizz feature in Classic Pop

There is a lot of Fizz in the October (2017) edition of "Classic Pop".

The vinyl

"The f-z of pop" saw its vinyl release on October 13th, 2017. The album features 10 songs. One of them is "I am the Beat" which was not included on the CD and is only available on the vinyl edition of the album.


Cheryl solo

Cheryl released her first ever solo album "Cheryl sings Joni". The CD was released in October 2017. Cheryl announced her forthcoming project with an EP featuring 4 songs which was released in October 2016.


Lorraine - ITV

The Fizz appeared in the TV show "Lorraine" on ITV on October 31st, 2017 where they were interviewed as well as they performed their new hit "Amen".



Christmas performance

The Fizz performed the Christmas version of their hit "The Land of Make Believe" re-released in 2016 on ITV on December 12th, 2017.




Christmas with The Fizz

The long awaited Christmas album "Christmas with The Fizz" saw its release on November 16th, 2018. The album is featuring 15 Christmas related songs. Absolute fabulous recording and production.



Don't Start Without Me - the video

The group filmed a video promoting their first single "Don't Start Without Me" in November 2018.




Måns Fizz

On Friday February 7th, 2019 The Fizz performed "Making Your Mind Up" together with the Swedish winner of the Eurovision Song Contest - Måns Zelmerlöw, during the British outtake for the Eurovision 2019.




The first single & video

The first single from the forthcoming album is "The World We Left Behind".



The "World" photo session



New single

 New single promoting the forthcoming album is entitled "Winning Ways" and was released on January 30th.


The video

The video for "Winning ways" had its premiere together with the single release on January 30th, 2020.


Launching the new album

The group promoted their forthcoming new album with special evening in London on February 19th 2020. They performed several new songs and some of the older hits.


"T.O.T.P" - the video

A new video to one more song from the forthcoming album was released at the end of February. The song is entitled "T.O.T.P" and is a kind of funny tribute to the very popular pop show Top of the Pops where Bucks Fizz performed frequently in the 1980s.


Smoke & Mirrors - the album

The album "Smoke & Mirrors" saw its release on March 6th, 2020 as CD and blue vinyl LP. The album features 11 songs. It entered the iTunes chart at #6.






British albums chart

"Smoke and mirrors" entered the British albums chart on March 13th, 2020 at #29.


The OK! photo session

An long interview with special photo session was published in the British magazine "OK!".



From Here to Eternity  - single & video

New single and video "From Here to Eternity" saw its release on April 3rd, 2020.


The World We Left Behind - single & video

An extended version of "The World We Left Behind" saw its single release on July 3rd, 2020. The new single contained three tracks including the album mix of the song and the karaoke mix. Totally 14 minutes 16 seconds.

The single was promoted by a brand new video.



Fizzion live

On October 17th, 2020 The Fizz had a live show at the EM Forster Theatre in Tonbridge (UK). They performed their greatest hits from the period 1981-2020. The show was filmed and recorded for DVD/CD release - see below.


2020 Fizzion

CD and DVD containing live show performed on October 17th, 2020 at EM Forster Theatre in Tonbridge (UK) saw their release in December 2020. The CD features 14 tracks including both old and new hits of the group.



The Tour




Photo sessions 2022

New pictures of the band promoting the release of "Everything Under The Sun"



New album - Everything Under The Sun

Released on September 8th, 2022



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