SVT 2, NOVEMBER 5, 1976, 8 pm


Swedish Television made the TV special entitled "Abba-dabba-do" during the summer months of 1976 partly on the island Viggsö and partly in the TV studio. This special was the first real documentary made by Swedish TV about the group. The group members were talking about everything and several new songs from the album "Arrival" were performed.




Knowing Me Knowing You








The next video shown in the programme was the official video for "When I Kissed the Teacher". Björn and Benny were interviewed in the "famous" cottage on Viggsö where they composed a lot of ABBA hits during 1970s.





New song - "Dum Dum Diddle" was performed live in front of the audience in TV studio.




My Love My Life





Money Money Money



A photo session in the Money Money Money outfits was arranged in the studio





The interviews


The good thing with interviews in Swedish was that the girls were talking much more than during the interviews in English. 

Agnetha was the first ABBA member chosen for a short interview. Her very first song "Jag var så kär" (I Was So In Love) from 1968 was played in the background and Agnetha was talking about her feelings when she together with her father arrived for her first recording session in Stockholm. Benny was talking about his big passion - Swedish folk music and his musical roots. The first Benny & Björn composition "Isn't It Easy To Say" was played in the studio and Benny remembered his first meeting with Björn in Västervik in 1966.

Björn was talking about how did it start with his passion for the music. Frida was talking about her way to the top and the both sides of herself - the one on stage and the one in the private life.






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ABBA members were of course talking about the Eurovision Song Contest's importance for their career and their manager Stig Anderson who helped them with achieving the international success.

The final song "Why Did It Have To Be Me" was performed live in the studio. Possibly it was the only live version of this song featuring Agnetha singing. All later live performances of this song would be sung by Björn and Frida.








The photo session - in the studio






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