Main premieres of ABBA The Movie:

Australia: December 15th, 1977

Holland: December 17th, 1977

Finland: December 23rd, 1977

Sweden: December 26th, 1977

United Kingdom: February 16th, 1978

West Germany: February 17th, 1978

France: April 19th, 1978

Japan: July 15th, 1978

Additional filming in Stockholm


At the hotel

Thank You For The Music

The promo stuff & trivia



ABBA in Australia


The Group acting


A new and bright idea. ABBA used their Australian connection to set the film up. During the 1977 tour there, the leading Swedish film director Lasse Hallström was called out to make "ABBA The Movie". Tied in with their new LP release "ABBA The Album" it was a perfect marketing operation.


The director & the team


Lasse Hallström with ABBA The Movie in his hands.





Ashley & Stikkan


A disc jockey called Ashley is assigned to follow the group around on the sell-out tour in Australia. Ashely hopes to get an "exclusive gut-level dialog" with ABBA for his radio station, but the likeable, inexperienced fellow is hopelessly out of his depth. In vain, he chases them from Sydney to Perth, then to Adelaide, before accidentally running into them in Melbourne. He turns up at the wrong places and is usually one jet flight behind the group. He even misses the press conference where Agnetha is asked to confirm whether she has the sexiest bottom and replies "How do I know? I haven't seen it".

For his troubles, Ashley is repeatedly thrown out of concert halls and dressing rooms. But the movie provides a happy ending for him when he gets the interview he has sought so relentlessly.



The concept of ABBA The Movie was very easy. The main aim was to show the group performing live and the tiny storyline was the secondary thing. The group did not have to do any advanced acting and in fact in the scenes they do other things that singing, they act themselves. The Movie was disappointing if you wanted to see behind-the-stage footage or to see ABBA in private. The parts showing ABBA "acting" are featured in: Ashley's dream (the video clip to The Name Of The Game), short parts in the elevator (the video to Eagle), ABBA in their hotel room (filmed at the Sheraton hotel in Stockholm - and the group in studio singing Thank You For the Music. The press conference is "real" and not performed for the movie. in Australia 1977



Additional filming in Stockholm - late summer 1977


Ashley's dream (& more)

(The Name of The Game)


Djurgården Stockholm


The picnic











Frida and Benny








Agnetha, Ashley and Frida










Agnetha and Björn




Agnetha & Ashley




On the boat





Björn & Benny


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Bang a... frisbee





Begging for more





The white horse





More horses





The ice-cream time










Benny and the goat actress...


The animal by Benny's side actually had a little part in "ABBA The Movie". Just a couple seconds before the scene with Björn, Benny and Ashley playing cards the goat is leaving the saloon...





In the saloon


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What's the Name of the Game...





The dinner










The hotel scenes

(The Sheraton hotel in Stockholm)


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Thank You For The Music




ABBA The Movie - the promotion



ABBA News from Polar Music


Polar Music issued in Sweden an 8-sides-news special in A3 format in November 1977. The booklet contained interviews with the ABBA members and Stikkan Anderson, information about for the forthcoming premieres of "ABBA The Movie" all over the world and many photos from the film. The promotional booklet featured even the art work from the cover of the forthcoming album "ABBA The Album" (both front and back covers). Even a special interview with Robert Hughes playing Ashley in the movie was added as well as some ABBA cartoons from the UK press and several small shots from the film version of the video "Eagle".





Original Dutch ads promoting ABBA The Movie during the second week after the premiere.





Japanese reduction coupons





Promo flyer & postcard from Israel





Promo flyer from Japan





Promo flyer from Slovakia




Promo sheets from South America





Posters from different countries


Poster from Czechoslovakia

Poster from France
Poster from East Germany (DDR)

Poster UK

Poster Finland

Poster Poland

Poster Japan

Poster Germany

Poster Belgium

Poster Holland

Poster Romania