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Bucks Fizz 2023

In January the magazine "Smash Hits" featured styled Cheryl and Mike on the cover of their joke issue from the year 2023. With a special make-up the stars from Bucks Fizz would image themselves 40 years later.


In Chile

(very special thanks to Christian)

In February 1983 Bucks Fizz arrived in Chile for the promotion of  their Spanish album. They performed on the music festival “Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar” (International Festival of the Song of Viña del Mar) which was broadcasted in both Chile and many countries in South America as well as in Spain. The group stayed in Chile for one week, they arrived on February 8, performed on Sunday 13 and Monday 14 and left the country on Tuesday Feb 15, 1983.  









The show

The group performed twice: the first night had a running time of aprox 45 min. and the second night was about 35 min. The first show was attended by about 7.000 people (out of 15.000) and the second show was sold out. The group performed following songs:

The first night:

1.- Are You Ready

2.- Another Night

3.- Easy Love

4.- Noches Sin Ti

5.- My Camera Never Lies

6.- Now Those Days Are Gone

7.- El Mundo de Ilusión

8.- Medley - Pinball Wizard/Hot Stuff/Do You Think I'm Sexy/Knock On Wood/Rockin' All Over The World

9.- Making Your Mind Up


The second night:

1.- Are You Ready

2.- Another Night

3.- Easy Love

4.- Noches Sin Ti

5.- My Camera Never Lies

6.- El Mundo de Ilusión

7.- Medley - Pinball Wizard/Hot Stuff/Do You Think I'm Sexy/Knock On Wood/Rockin' All Over The World.




Run for Your Life - the single

The year 1983 started great for the group with a Top 10 single "If You Can't Stand The Heat". The second single promoting the forthcoming new album was "Run for Your Life" which was released in two versions: as a 7" and a special 10" tour edition. The B-side of the single featured the album track "Shot me through the heart".


"Run for Your Life" was written by the group's regular songwriter Andy Hill and Ian Bairnson, who was a prolific session guitarist and had worked with Bucks Fizz many times. It was also produced by Hill. The song's lyrics talk about feelings of paranoia and insecurity. Lead vocals are shared by members Mike Nolan and Bobby G in the verses, while the whole group sing the bridge and chorus.

"Run for Your Life" became a hit in the UK, entering the chart on March 12th, 1983. It was the highest new entry of the week at No.31. It rose to No.21 the following week, and then to its peak of No.14 on 26 March. The song then dropped down the chart, remaining there for a total of seven weeks. It was the group's eighth consecutive top 20 hit. In Ireland, the song peaked even higher, reaching the top 10 at No.8



UK 10" picture disc    

The single "Run for your life" was released even in West Germany and several other European countries.


The growing popularity in Spanish language territories made that RCA released a special single promoting "Hand Cut" in Spain. The single featured "Run for Your Life" b/w "If You Can't Stand The Heat" and it had different cover to the UK and other European releases.



Run for your life - the video

The promotional video for the song is set at an old manor house where an old man (presumably the caretaker) appears and then vanishes out of sight. An owl also appears throughout the video. Bucks Fizz arrive in a car (driven by Jay) and then enter the house to find it deserted. On opening a door, they find themselves in a white void, where their clothes change from everyday wear to orange and black leather outfits. During these sequences they perform the song and dance routine to the camera. They later flee the house with the suggestion it is haunted.



The group performed "Run for your life" in several TV shows: Top of the Pops, Saturday Superstore, Starburst and Des O'Connor..


The "Top of the Pops" photo shot.


Hand Cut - the album

The third studio album released on March 1st, 1983 was entitled "Hand Cut" and it contained 10 new songs including two single hits "Run For Your Life" and "If You Can't Stand The Heat". It entered the British album chart on March 19th, 1983 and stayed there for 13 weeks peaking at #17. Jay sang lead vocals on two songs - the beautiful ballad "Where the Ending Starts" and "Running out of Time", Cheryl sang "You love love" and Mike had lead vocal in a song written by Bobby - "Surrender your heart". 

The first single from the album was "If You Can't Stand the Heat" in November 1982, which became their fourth consecutive top ten hit in the UK charts. This was followed in March 1983 by "Run for Your Life", which reached UK#14. Along with this came the album's release, which received favourable reviews and became their third UK top 20 album





The Hand Cut photo sessions


Mike gallery



Promotion on TV

The group recorded a TV special from Blazers, Windsor which featured songs from "Hand Cut" and some earlier hits. Bucks Fizz performed following songs: If You Can't Stand The Heat, I'd Like To Say I Love You, Love Dies Hard, Easy Love, My Camera Never Lies, You Love Love and Run For Your Life.



West Germany

On March 17th, 1983 Bucks Fizz appeared in West Germany in the show "Musikladen" where they performed "If You Can't Stand the Heat" in front of the dancing audience.



The tour

Bucks Fizz embarked on the tour promoting the new album in March and April 1983.

The tour schedule        


Jay's beach photo session - April 1983

At the end of May "Record Mirror" published beautiful "beach fashion bonanza" photo session featuring Jay.



The Great Britain photo session



Tune it on Saturday

On Saturday 28 May  Jay and Mike participated among other well-known artists in a 12-hour marathon of pop knowledge "The Great Rock'N'Roll Trivia Show" which was broadcasted live on Radio One from 12 noon to 12 midnight.                                                                                                                                                                                             


Photo sessions

Some photo sessions taken in early summer 1983.



Cheryl & Jay with Eurythmics

Cheryl and Jay were invited to the filming of the video for the Eurythmics song "Who's That Girl" at the beginning of June 1983. 




When We Were Young - the single

A new single entitled "When We Were Young" featuring Jay in lead vocals and with "Where The Ending Starts" on the flipside was released at the beginning of June 1983 as the first single from the forthcoming "Greatest Hits" album.

The song was written by Warren Harry (under the name Warren Bacall) and was produced by Brian Tench and Andy Hill - the first time Hill had not solely produced one of the group's singles. The song's lyrics tell of a woman in old age, who laments the fact that she has lost her youth and looks.
The song was notable for its change in direction for the group. The production was heavy and the song had an ominous tone far removed from the group's usual pop sound. It was the first and only single to feature lead vocals by Jay. Jay's vocals were notably different from her solo appearances on previous songs (eg. "Getting Kinda Lonely" on Bucks Fizz and "Easy Love" on Are You Ready). At the time of release, Jay said of the song: "It's a very different kind of song. It's much harder and heavier and a concerted effort from Andy and the production team. We'll probably lose a lot of our old fans with this single but I hope we'll interest lots of new people." Aston has also said that she was adopting an affected voice, similar to Hazel O'Connor, although a review at the time remarked on her simulating Lene Lovich. Aston has since stated, despite the song's success, her vocal affectation wasn't a good idea, although has rated it her favourite Bucks Fizz song, while Cheryl has commented that she never liked the song due to its downbeat tone.

It entered the British chart on June 18th, where it stayed for 8 weeks reaching Top 10. "When We Were Young" had a catchy sound with some ABBA influence. The song became a big hit in whole Europe. The track on the B-side of the 7" "Where The Ending Starts" (even this track with Jay's lead vocal) was taken from the album "Hand Cut".

Country         Peak position
UK                      10
France                  4
Ireland                 6
The Netherlands  14
Germany             52
Austria               19


The single enjoyed a big success in whole Europe. It entered single charts in West Germany, Austria (peaking at #20) and Holland (6 weeks on the chart peaking at #17).


In Germany there was even released a limited edition of the single in green vinyl.


The 12" version of "When We Were Young" featured an extended version of the song and a non-album track "When the Love Has Gone" on the B-side.


Picture discs

The single was even released as picture disc in two versions 7" and 12" with different lay-outs and different pictures.






Ads - promotion


The blue session






The "When We Were Young" photo sessions


The single was promoted by a new video recorded in West Germany




Bucks Fizz appeared in several TV shows both in the UK and other European countries. On June 8th, 1983 the group performed "When We Were Young" on "Cheggars plays pop" - a show broadcasted by BBC from Manchester.


On June 30th, 1983 Bucks Fizz performed in "Top of the Pops".


"When We Were Young" was even performed in the UK TV special "Razzamatazz" as well as on the Montreaux Rock Festival in Switzerland.


The painting photo session

One of the classical photo sessions taken in 1983 - here in 5 alternative shots.



The "wallpaper" session


Cornwall Coliseum

In August 1983 the group played at Cornwall Coliseum for two weeks



London Town - the single

The single "London Town" b/w "Identity saw its release in September 1983. Lead vocals on the track are by  Bobby G, although he was unhappy with the way his vocals were mixed, giving them a distorted quality, claiming that he "sounded like a munchkin". This single was a short-notice replacement for another song, "Invisible", which featured lead vocals by Jay Aston, but was withdrawn for reasons which are unclear. The song was eventually released on the 12" version of "I Hear Talk" over a year later. The B-side of the single featured a track written by Bucks Fizz themselves, called "Identity". This track featured Mike Nolan on lead vocals and was produced by Bobby G. The 12" single featured an extended remix of "London Town".

"London Town" entered the British hit chart on October 1, 1983 and stayed there for 6 weeks reaching surprisingly only #34. Even a limited edition picture disc "London Town" was released.


Picture disc




The 12" version of "London Town" contained a remixed club version of the song and an extra song on the B-side. The extra track was "Love Dies Hard" - a beautiful ballad originally released on the LP "Are You Ready" in 1982.


"London Town" was more successful in other countries such as Poland where it reached #6, Austria: #19 and Ireland: #24. The German version of the single featured completely different cover to the UK release.


Maxi single was released in Germany and it contained an extended version of "London Town" (6.35) b/w Identity. No bonus tracks were added on this 12" single.



The video

The Promotional Video features the group performing the track with backing dancers in a variety of indoor locations including a Tube station. Part of the video was filmed in Holloway Sanitorium, a disused mental hospital in London. A scene featuring member Jay Aston being attacked by a man (played by her real-life brother, Lance) was cut from the finished version.

The London Town photo sessions & promotion


Alternative photo sessions




The group promoted the new single on TV in several shows as: "Pebble Mill" & "The Noel Edmonts breakfast show".


They appeared traditionally in "Top of the Pops".


They were even special guests in Russel Harty's celebrity chatshow where they performed "London Town".



Musikladen - West Germany

The group was invited to the German TV show "Musikladen" where they performed "London Town". The show was broadcasted in West Germany on September 8th, 1983.



More photos



Designing clothes

Cheryl and Bobby designed clothes in September 1983. An exclusive photo documentary was published by "Record Mirror" on October 8th, 1983. The magazine had a Bucks Fizz shirt competition where one could win the original T-shirts designed by the band members.



The "cellar" session

A glamour photo session in a cellar - end of September 1983.




The Royal Performance

In October the group performed in the presence of The Queen Elisabeth and the Queen Mother at the Royal Variety Performance in London. They sang "The Land of Make Believe" and "If You Can't Stand the Heat"




The group performed their latest hit "London Town in several TV shows.



The Greatest Hits photo sessions

In the early autumn several photo sessions were taken for the upcoming release of the album "Greatest Hits" and new singles.

Session 1


Session 2






Session 3 - Jay


Session 4


Session 5 - Cheryl



Rules of the Game - the single

"Rules of the Game" was the third single promoting the compilation "Greatest Hits". The lead vocal was sung by Cheryl. The B-side of the single contained a great ballad written by the band members and entitled "When We Were At War". It is a great pity that this track was not added on any BF album. "Rules of the Game" entered the British hit chart on December 17, 1983 and stayed there for 6 weeks reaching #57.


Even a special Christmas version of the single "Rules of the Game" with a fold-out cover was released.






The Rules photo session


The tropical photo session



Greatest Hits

The first official compilation album was released on November 25th, 1983 and it featured group's 8 chart hits between 1981 and 1983 as well as 4 new songs. The album entered the British chart on December 3, 1983 and stayed there for 13 weeks peaking at #25. The new songs on the album were two already known single hits "When We Were Young" and "London Town" and the current one by that time: "Rules of the Game". The fourth song "Oh Suzanne" would be released as a B-side of the 1985 single "You and Your Heart So Blue".  

"Greatest Hits" was even released in West Germany and other European countries.


Merchandise and promotion



Greatest Hits on CD

The album "Greatest Hits" was even released on CD in 1984 in the UK, West Germany and Japan.



Bucks Fizz on TV

The group appeared in several TV shows performing "Rules of the Game".



Making Your Mind Up - the LP

Record company "Camden" (a part of Pickwick International Inc.) released a compilation entitled "Making Your Mind Up" at the end of 1983. The album contained 10 songs - quite a strange mixture of single hits and relatively unknown songs from the first three Bucks Fizz albums.



Saturday Superstore, December 1983

The group appeared in the TV show "Saturday superstore" on BBC shortly before Christmas 83. They were interviewed, the new video "Rules of the Game" was shown and Cheryl and Bobby participated in the "pop panel". The group members were talking about their plans for the Christmas holiday and answered questions from the fans by phone.


Christmas tour


More promotion

The new single was promoted in several shows at the end of 1983 and at the beginning of 1984.





A tribute to Bucks Fizz

At the end of 1983 a group called "L. A. Sounds" recorded 10 Bucks Fizz songs and released on the album "The Land of Make Believe - a tribute to Bucks Fizz".



At the beginning of 1984 Bucks Fizz promoted their new single "Rules of the Game". They started new recording sessions for a forthcoming album and made several performances in January at Baileys, Watford, Herts.


Jay's solo release

At the beginning of 1984 Jay released her own album in the series "Shape up and dance". The album contained exercise programmes with several pop hits in the background. The exercises were led by Jay herself and the album featured three Bucks Fizz hits in remixed versions. The songs were: "I Do It All For You", "Piece of the Action" and "If You Can't Stand The Heat".

The photo sessions



Jay on TV

Jay made some TV promotion for her solo exercise "album" in 1984.



Jay Aston - spring 1984

Jay Aston gave an interview for the music newspaper "No 1" in the spring together with a new British pop star Nick Kershaw.


On tour

On May 3rd the group started their first tour in 1984 (see the schedule below). The tour was completed on June 19th.


The tour pictures




Talking In Your Sleep - the single

The first single promoting the forthcoming album was "Talking In Your Sleep" backed with "Don't think You're Fooling Me" - the latter was written and produced by Bobby. "Talking In Your Sleep" was a cover of the song originally recorded by The Romantics. The single became successful in Great Britain where it reached Top 20 on the single chart. "Talking in Your Sleep" entered the chart on August 25, 1984 and climbed up to #15.



The single was released with the usual RCA black label and with an alternative silver one.


A very nice surprise for all Bucks Fizz fans was released later the same autumn - a limited edition EP containing two extra tracks: "20th Century Hero" and "Don't Pay the Ferryman" recorded live during the 1983 tour.

Even an extended version of "Talking in Your Sleep" was available on the special 12" edition of the single released simultaneously with the 7". The B-side of the maxi single featured the song "Don't think You're Fooling Me".



The Talking In Your Sleep photo sessions

Several different photo sessions were taken before the release of  "Talking in Your Sleep".



At the beginning of September Bucks Fizz were featured in the British music weekly "No 1". In connection to the single release they gave an interview about their "sleep" habits and more (read the interview below). Even exclusive pictures were published.

the interview



The video

The video to "Talking In Your Sleep" featured Bobby, Mike, Cheryl and Jay... going in their sleep. A small story line fit though the song lyrics quite well.



Miss UK - Brighton


The group appeared in the Miss UK beauty contest in Brighton. They performed "Talking in Your Sleep" with choreography that had been thoroughly prepared which made the performance to a little show on its own rights.





Other TV shows

Bucks Fizz promoted their new single in several TV shows in Great Britain during September 1984.



Golden Days - the single

At the beginning of October 1984 the group released a new single featuring one of their most beautiful ballads "Golden Days". The single was released in 3 versions: as 7", maxi 12" and as picture disc. The B-side of the 7" contained "Where Do I Go Now" written by Cheryl. The B-side of the maxi single contained the same song and a bonus track "One Touch too Much". The single entered the British hit chart on October 27th, 1984 and stayed there for 4 weeks reaching #42.

The picture disc version of the single featured a live medley of 6 songs: "Eye of the Tiger", "Hot Legs", "Since you've been Gone", "Heartbreaker", "Dead Ringer for Love" and "Whatever you Want".



Picture disc


Photo session

This rare photo session was taken in the early autumn of 1984.


TV promotion

Even the "Golden Days" single was intensively promoted in various British TV shows



Golden Days - the video

The video had a little storyline about an actress who remembers her golden days as a star.


I Hear Talk - the album

The album "I Hear Talk" entered the British album chart on November 24, 1984. It is probably the best Bucks Fizz album ever recorded with great songs written by well-known composers, great vocals by all four members and great arrangements. This album can be in many ways compared to ABBA's "The Visitors" - no longer easy pop tunes even if most of the songs are very catchy anyway. The album did not achieved any commercial success staying on the UK chart for 2 weeks and reaching #66.



The title track which would be released as the third single from the album was definitely one of the best songs here. Cheryl performed with a certain dramatic the beautiful ballad "Tears on the Ballroom Floor" and Jay was absolutely stunning in "Thief in the Night". Bobby sung lead vocals in two great compositions: "She cries" (composed by Nik Kershaw - see below) and "Cold War". Even Mike could show his vocal talents in "January's Gone".



The photo session


She cries

The wonderful composition "She Cries" included by Bucks Fizz on the album "I Hear Talk" saw even its single release in Nik Kershaw's version on B-side of his single "Dancing Girls" in April 1984.



I Hear Talk - the single

The single "I Hear Talk" was released in December 1984. It was available as 7" and 12". The B side featured a non-album track "Pulling Me Under" written by Bobby G. The maxi version of the single contained even a bonus track on the B-side entitled "Invisible". "I Hear Talk" entered the British chart on 29 December and stayed there for 8 weeks reaching #34.

  silver label  

A special gift edition of the single was wrapped in a huge poster calender.


Maxi single


The single saw its release even in West Germany and Austria. The cover was slightly changed.

Austria, Germany  

Even maxi single "I Hear Talk" b/w "Pulling me Under" & "Invisible" was available in West Germany.



Promotional ads from the British press before the accident and after with all planned TV appearances cancelled.



I Hear Talk - the video



TV promotion



Photo session 1984




Before Christmas Fizz

Jay, Mike and Bobby reviewed Christmas singles from various artists in "Smash Hits" at the end of November.



The tour and the crash

Bucks Fizz went on tour at the beginning of December 84. After the show in Newcastle the tour bus crashed in icy conditions. The group and entourage suffered various degrees of injury, most notably Mike Nolan who was taken to the hospital in a comatose state believed to be brain-damaged. BBC reported about Mike and the others in the group on December 13, 1984. The tour bus was totally destroyed.


Big Deal - Bobby's solo project

"Big Deal" was the BBC television series which started to be broadcasted at the end of 1984. Bobby wrote the theme for the track which he even performed. The single with the song was released in November 84 and it entered the British chart for the first time on December 1, 1984. On the B-side there was a song "It's all for Jan". The maxi version of the single contained a bonus track entitled "Alibi".

The single entered the UK chart on December 1, 1984 and stayed there for 12 weeks peaking at #46.



Bobby filmed even a special video to the song which was broadcasted several times on British TV.



Bobby and Cheryl appeared in several TV shows shortly after the bus crash. Mike and Jay were still recovering. Bobby was guest in "Good Morning Britain" where he was talking about "Big Deal" and about the Bucks Fizz. Even the video for "Big Deal" was shown. Even Cheryl appeared in "Good Morning Britain" where she was talking about Mike. Even a short interview with Cheryl and her mother was aired.




Cheryl 1985



Brit awards

Cheryl was one of the guests at the Brit awards gala on February 11th, 1985. The gala was held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.




The year 1985 was probably the worst year in the group's history. After the bus crash and Mike's serious injuries it was not sure that the group would continue. The single "I Hear Talk" released two weeks after the crash made UK #34 but nothing more happened until June. In the early summer the group appeared in several TV shows performing their 1982 hit "Now those days are gone" with Mike singing lead vocal. It was Bucks Fizz' comeback with focus on Mike who seemed to have recovered after the accident. The group was back in business.




Sharp sponsored the group in 1985.



The tour



In June Bucks Fizz went on a short tour which would be the last one in the 1980s with Jay Aston.



You And Your Heart So Blue - the single

The new single "You And Your Heart So Blue" with "Now Those Days Are Gone" on the B-side was released at the beginning of June 1985. It was the last single with Jay who even appeared for the last time with the group in the TV show "Razzamatazz". The single release came at a traumatic time for the group. Having only just got over a coach crash, which had incapacitated the group for several months, the release date collided with member Jay Aston leaving the band amid much publicity. Halfway through promoting the single, the group recruited a new female singer, Shelley Preston. As well as this, Bucks Fizz (with Aston) had recently filmed a TV special in Mauritius, but went unscreened as the production company had gone bankrupt midway through filming.

The cover of the 7" and 12" singles didn't feature a photo of the group, possibly due to the fact that the membership was in a state of flux, although a limited edition EP of the single did feature the group - with Aston (although she was noticeably separated from the other three). The B-side of the song was the earlier Bucks Fizz hit, "Now Those Days Are Gone", which was included to signify the recovery of Mike, who was the most badly injured of the group in the coach crash

The single entered the British chart on June 22nd, 1985 where it stayed for 4 weeks reaching #43.

German release


EP - limited edition


The last release with Jay on the cover was the limited edition EP containing 4 tracks: You and Your Heart So Blue and One Touch (Don't Mean Devotion) b/w Now Those Days Are Gone and Censored. "One Touch (Don't Mean Devotion)" and "Censored" had previously been recorded by writer Andy Hill's spin-off group, Paris. The both bonus tracks had never appeared on any other Bucks Fizz release by that time and this EP became one of the biggest collector rarities among fans. The cover picture had been taken shortly after Mike's recovery after the accident in December 1984 and shortly before Jay left the group .


The 12" version of the single included a new song, "Evil Man" - a song solely written and performed by Jay.






Last photo sessions with Jay


Jay leaves the group

A big chock for all Bucks Fizz fans came at the beginning of July when it was announced that Jay Aston had left the group. According to the press she had sold the story of her alleged affair with the producer Andy Hill to a national newspaper.

fizzjay.jpg (78699 bytes)

fizzjayrubriker.jpg (73791 bytes)

The first photo session without Jay before Shelley's arrival.


You And Your Heart So Blue - the video

Despite the fact that Jay was still with the group at the time of release, the promotional video for the song only featured three members. This is most likely due to the fact that the group's management knew she was leaving and decided to leave her out of the video, although they did some promotional TV work with her to support the song.


Making of the video


Shelley replaces Jay

Shelley Preston (born on June 14th, 1964) was chosen off over 1.000 auditioning girls as Jay's replacement in July 1985.



Less Bucks More Fizz photo sessions

In 1985 Bucks Fizz signed a sponsorship deal with Sharp. The very first photo sessions for the campaign were taken when Jay was still a member of the band. New photos with Shelley Preston were taken in the summer 1985 as soon as she replaced Jay. The campaign continued in 1986.



The first TV appearance with Shelley

The very first presentation of Shelley as a new member of the group took place in the TV show "Wogan" in July. The group performed "You and Your Heart so Blue".


The "magical" photo session

One of the first photo sessions with the new line-up. One of the shots was used on the cover of the single "Magical".



Magical - the single

The first single with Shelley Preston "Magical" was released on September 14th, 1985. Actually Shelley did not participate vocally in the song as it had been recorded with Jay Aston. The 7" version featured "Oh Suzanne" on the side B (originally released on the 1983 LP "Greatest Hits") and the 12" version had even a bonus track "You And Your Heart So Blue" in previously unreleased remixed version.




The group embarked on the "Magical" tour in the autumn and even promoted the single on TV. Mike still stood in focus during all interviews being asked about his health condition after the accident in 1984. Even Jay was still interesting for the press and media. Both Bobby and Cheryl tried to skip all the questions regarding Jay and answered that Jay had left but Shelley came and it was the most important thing for the group's future.

The promotion of "Magical"

The group appeared in several popular TV shows.



Photo session




In August 1985 Jay donated a cheque for GBP 2500 to Mike Nolan Damage Research Fund at Newcastle General Hospital. The "former" Bucks Fizz singer was pictured together with two members of the neurological team.


The tour

The band started their tour entitled "Magical" on 2 September 1985 in Lincoln. See the tour itinerary below.