ABBA The Tour 1979


Before the tour   

ABBA in North America

ABBA in Europe



West Germany

Great Britain



Before the tour - the rehearsals (May - August 1979)


ABBA started their preparations and rehearsals for the forthcoming world tour in May 1979. In August they rehearsed in the Europa Studios outside Stockholm.


Stockholm May 16th, 1979



The Tour 1979


Special tour programme had been printed as well as a promotional poster.






Canada & USA - September-October 79 US tour diary - The tour day by day

Arriving from USA at the beginning of October - on the Arlanda airport in Stockholm.







19.10 - Gothenburg  (Göteborg) /Sweden

Scandinavium arena





20.10 - Stockholm/Sweden


Linda Ulvaeus participated in the Stockholm show together with the children choir performing "I Have A Dream" together with ABBA. After the show Frida met the Swedish Queen Silvia.





21.10 - Copenhagen/Denmark





23.10 - Paris/France





24.10 - Rotterdam/The Netherlands




25.10 - Dortmund/Germany - Westfallenhalle





27.10 - Munich/Germany - Olympiahalle




28.10 - Zurich/Switzerland




29.10 - Vienna/Austria - Stadthalle


On the Vienna airport & interview for Austrian TV.





30.10 - Stuttgart/Germany - Stadthalle Böblingen





1.11 - Bremen/Germany - Stadthalle








2.11 - Frankfurt/Germany (2.11) - Festhalle


The original ABBA mug bought before the concert in Frankfurt (Danke Ursula).




4.11 - London


Linda and Christian joined their parents - Agnetha and Björn in London on November 4th.




5.11 -- 10.11 - London/Great Britain





13.11 - Glasgow/Great Britain








15.11 - Dublin/Irland


To the final concert ABBA came in the "Arrival" style with helicopter. The atmosphere this day was very special as it was Frida's birthday - she received flowers. To celebrate the final show ABBA decided to have a party at the hotel but they waited patiently until the small hours for their crew that was packing all stage gear before the party started. ABBA gave everyone who was involved in the work with the show a silver medallion each. It bore inscription "ABBA" on one side and "Thank you" on the other, accompanied by the actual name of the recipient.

The next day it was ABBA's turn to receive gifts. The group received a silver tray from two Irish fans who had collected money for months from ABBA fans all over Ireland to buy the tray.



Agnetha Fältskog in Dublin (private pics thanks Peter)

ABBA in North America day by day!!