Stikkan 50 - Hovas Vittne

Dick Cavett meets ABBA

ABBA photo sessions, June

Lay All Your Love On Me - 12"


When All Is Said and Done - video & photo sessions

ABBA in Bournemouth, September

The Visitors - press release & BRAVO sessions in Stockholm

One Of Us - the video

The Visitors - the LP release

Golden Reel Award /Agnetha & Frida on Dutch TV





Björn marries Lena


Björn married Lena Källesjö on January 5th, 1981 in the church in Grythyttan. Only the priest Nils Gustav Sandback had known about the wedding since November 1980.





The bal at the Grand Hotel


The same day as Björn married Lena, Agnetha attended "The 13th day's bal" at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Swedish TV aired the whole event live. There were about 400 guests invited. Agnetha's daughter Linda was together with her father in Grythyttan that evening.



Hovas Vittne

The first musical event in 1981 that engaged ABBA was a recording session for... the birthday present for Stig turning 50 on  January 25th. ABBA recorded a song "Hovas Vittne" (Stig was born in a little town called Hova) with funny lyrics about Stig. Even a video in the Waterloo outfits was recorded at the Berns theatre in Stockholm. (go.to/ABBA-related places for more info).



Stikkan 50

The ABBA members were among the guests attending the birthday party at Stig's big house in Stockholm. ABBA arrived at 7 am. Björn and Benny went into Stikkan's villa Ekarnes through the window. The first present for Stikkan was a little cabaret with dance performed by among others Agnetha Fältskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Görel Hanser, Lena Ulvaeus and Lillebil Ankarcrona. They sang songs written especially for Stikkan. The party continued a whole day.

The arrival

The party




Frida & Benny divorce

In February (12th in Sweden) it was announced world-wide that Frida and Benny divorce. Swedish press published first pictures of Benny's new girlfriend Mona Nörklit already in March 1981.



Andante Andante in Argentina

The single "Andante Andante" (in Spanish) b/w "The Piper" saw its release in Argentina in February 1981





At the beginning of March 1981 a Japanese journalist Toru Ikeno together with the boss of Discomate records paid a visit at the Polar Music office and met Björn, Benny and Agnetha.



Super Trouper - the single in Japan

The single "Super Trouper" was released in Japan in March 1981. Surprisingly the b-side featured "If It Wasn't for the Nights" from the 1979 album "Voulez-Vous". The single became a total flop on the Japanese hit chart where it stayed for 2 weeks reaching #93.



Super Trouper in Hungary and Romania

The Hungarian record company Pepita released the album "Super Trouper" at the beginning of 1981. The cover was almost the same as the international release with some slight changes. The album was released in a limited edition and was sold out within some hours.

ABBA fans in Romania did not have the same luck. The album was not released there and only some copies from West Europa could be purchased on the black market for extremely high prices. It gave an idea to a female pop group "5T" to make a cover album with the songs from "Super Trouper". The album was entitled "Ploaia de lumina"  and it contained simply all 10 songs from "Super Trouper" in Romanian language. In this way Romanian fans received their own version of ABBA's latest album. Today the LP is very hard to find.

Made in Hungary



Super Trouper - the single in Brasil

At the beginning of 1981 the single "Super Trouper" b/w "On And On And On" was released by RCA in Brasil. The cover featured the same picture as on the album cover.



Dick Cavett meets ABBA - the TV show

The American journalist Dick Cavett arrived in Stockholm in April in order to do a TV-Special with the group. The show was divided into two parts. In the first part ABBA was a talking with the show host and answered Cavett's quite silly questions. In the second part ABBA performed several songs featuring two new tracks from the forthcoming album "Slipping Through My Fingers" and "Two for the Price of One". Even a new video "When All Is Said And Done" (recorded in August) was added when the show was broadcasted in September.

Preparing the show




ABBA started rehearsals at Tyrol (restaurant & concert hall) in Stockholm on Tuesday April 21st, 1981 at 1200 and continued until 2000. The rehearsals continued through Wednesday, Thursday and on Friday April 24th, ABBA put the final touches between 10 and 12 o'clock.

On Monday April 27th new rehearsals took place between 0900 and 1200. ABBA had lunch between 1200 and 1300. At 1300 there were discussed eventual changes in the show. At 1330 the recording of the interview with Dick Cavett and audience started.



The interview with ABBA was taped on Monday April 27th between 1330 and 1530.


The photo session after the recording of the interview with ABBA on Monday April 27th between 1700 and 1730.


The show

On Tuesday April 28th, ABBA rehearsed the show between 0900 and 1200. Lunch 1200 - 1300. General rehearsal of the concert 1300 - 1500.

The recording of the concert was made between 1500 and 1600. Extra playback was recorded between 1600 and 1700. Additional playback recording was done on Wednesday April 29th between 0900 and 1700.

The sound mixing and overdubs were made in Polar Studios on May 4 and 5. The whole show was mixed between May 8 and 11.




In the studio



Eurovision Gala

A double album entitled "Eurovison Gala - 25 years of  Eurovision Song Contest" saw its release in 1981. The album featured ABBA's "Waterloo" and two rare alternative shots from the "Waterloo"-photo session on the cover. Even the latest (by that time) winners - Bucks Fizz and their "Making Your Mind Up" were included on the album. The money from the album sales went to The Red Cross. The album was released simultaneously in the UK, West Germany and The Netherlands.


ABBA in "Daily Mirror"

One of the first ABBA interviews after Frida's and Benny's divorce was published by the British newspaper "Daily Mirror". The interview was made by Alan Markfield. Björn, Agnetha, Benny and Frida were interviewed separately and they were talking about their divorces and the future of ABBA. Björn said that he did not see any reason for ABBA to continue. He was still thinking about the kidnapping threads that they received at the end of 1980 as well as the John Lennon murder in December 80. He wanted to live more ordinary life and maybe to start writing for theatre.

Agnetha was described by Alan Markfield as a quiet, alone, blue-eyed angel. Nobody seemed to know that Agnetha smoked lots of cigarettes at that time as well as that she had a lot of phobias which made her life very limited. The divorce was very difficult for her and Björn and she cried when Björn married Lena. Even she thought that ABBA time was over.

Benny seemed to be most nervous of them all at the time of the interview. He smoked a lot of cigarettes during the interview. He said that his divorce from Frida was a horrible thing. One day he came back home and informed Frida that he had met another woman. After the separation Benny and Frida discussed the future of ABBA but they decided to go on and try to continue as a group. He thought though that the ABBA story would be over very soon. "I cannot imagine myself on stage when I am 45."

Frida was talking about a new man in her life. She said that Benny and herself were good friends and it was much easier to work together now. It was not so complicated to separate. We talked and talked and finally we decided how we would do.




The photo session

Official 1981 photo session - the pictures were taken on June 17th.

Frida - the photo gallery


Benny - Midsummer session




Björn, Agnetha and Frida participated in some more photo sessions during spring and summer 1981.

Björn and his dog



The recording sessions - Frida trying to come in...

Polar Music Studios were closed not only for fans but even for ABBA members sometimes... Here is Frida trying to get in. The recording sessions continued in June 1981. Björn outside the Polar Studios.





Very Best of ABBA - Japan

The double LP compilation "Very Best of ABBA" was released in Japan in July 1981. The album contained 24 tracks including the forthcoming single release from the Super Trouper album: "Lay All Your Love On Me". It entered the Japanese LP chart on July 5, 1981 where it stayed for 12 weeks peaking at #44.



The Sensational 70s

In 1981 "Reader's Digest" in the UK released the LP series entitled "The Sensational 70s". The 7th album featuring the year 1976 contained "Dancing Queen" and a lot of ABBA related stuff on the cover.




At the beginning of 1981 the Dutch producer Jaap Eggermont started a musical project called "Starsound" which with help of male and female session singers recorded several medleys of world pop hits. The Starsound productions became very successful and they topped hit lists in both England, West Germany and other European countries. The first single performed by Starsound entitled "Stars on 45" was released in the UK in April and it stayed on the single chart for 14 weeks reaching #2. The follow-up "Stars on 45 Vol. 2" featured a medley of 7 ABBA hits: Voulez-Vous, SOS, Bang-A-Boomerang, Money Money Money, Knowing Me Knowing You, Fernando and The Winner Takes It All. The single entered the UK chart on 4 July 1981 where it was successful for coming 10 weeks peaking at #2. The ABBA medley recording was extremely well arranged and performed and it belongs to the best ABBA covers ever done.


The second album performed by Starsound entitled simply "Stars on 45 Vol. 2" was released in September 1981. The album featured the long version of ABBA medley with totally 14 ABBA songs. The LP version of the medley was extended with: Dum Dum Diddle, Lay All Your Love On Me, On and On and On, Summer Night City, Gimme Gimme Gimme and long version of Super Trouper.



Lay All Your Love On Me - 7" & 12"

The third single selection from "Super Trouper" in Europe was "Lay All Your Love On Me". The single was released only as 12" which was quite unusual. "On and On and On" was flip-side of "Lay All Your Love On Me", but in a few countries - incl. USA - it was promoted as the A-side. In USA the single topped the the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play.


"Lay All Your Love On Me" became a big summer hit in 1981 in Great Britain where it entered the chart on July 18th. The single stayed on the British chart for 7 weeks reaching #7 on July 25th.


The complete UK chart story: July 18th #17, July 25th #7, Aug 1st #9, Aug 8th #14, Aug 15th #24, Aug 22nd #28.


In West Germany the single was on the chart for 14 weeks and it reached #26.


In France "Lay All Your Love On Me" stayed on the chart for 7 weeks peaking at #18: in Ireland #8 and in Belgium #14 .



Chart hits 81

A remixed, shorter version of "Lay All Your Love On Me" (3'50) was released on the UK compilation "Chart Hits 81 Volume 1" at the end of the year.



ABBA 1981 - at the office/in private



A Wie ABBA/A van ABBA - Germany, Holland

A compilation album entitled "A wie ABBA" with ABBA's greatest hits including hits from their latest by that time album "Super Trouper" was released by Polydor in West Germany and Holland. The Dutch title was "A van ABBA".

In West Germany "A wie ABBA" entered the LP chart on May 11, 1981 and stayed there for 29 weeks peaking at #1.


The compilation was very successful even in Holland where it entered the chart on May 30, 1981 and stayed there for 24 peaking at #1.


ABBA recorded a promotional video in front of a big A.



Slipping Through My Fingers - the single

"Slipping Through My Fingers" was released as a limited edition single sponsored by Coca-Cola in Japan.


Björn in Frankfurt

Björn represented ABBA on the formula 1 race at Hockenheimring near Frankfurt (Main). The race took place on Sunday 02 August 1981. ABBA sponsored the Swedish driver Slim Borgudd. He wasn`t successful and had to quit because of motor problems. (danke Birthe)

In the studio

A photo session was arranged in Polar Studios in Stockholm in August 1981. ABBA posed with a new music award from West Germany.



ABBA in German press - Summer 1981




When All Is Said And Done

On August 29th, the video "When All Is Said And Done" was filmed. It was not difficult to understand that the song was about Frida's and Benny's divorce. The video was filmed in a studio and on the street outside the film studio in Solna and in Stockholm's archipelago. In the video Björn was seen for the first time with beard. But the beard disappeared two weeks later when ABBA went to UK (see below). Did it mean that Björn was quite unsure if the new image was good for him?

(go.to/ABBA related places for more info).

The video        

The famous ABBA purse - a hard-to-find item.

The "silver" session with Agnetha




On Saturday 12 September ABBA took a private jet from Arlanda in Stockholm and flew to Bournemouth on England's sunny South Coast. At 4.30 pm the plane landed at Herne airport. ABBA came to attend the CBS Sales Convention Dinner & Cocktail Evening at the "Carlton Hotel" in Bournemouth.

The group looked very well (see pictures below) and the boys wore ties (very untypical unless it's for a photo session). John Spalding (Bocu Music) and Judd Lander (Epic) were hosts for that evening and they tried to keep the presence of ABBA at the conference secret but it was impossible. The press monitored all the arrivals at Herne Airport and found out the arrival of a private plane from Sweden. A photographer was sent and we have today to thank the press for it.

The cocktail party and the dinner started after 7 pm at the Carlton Hotel. After the dinner and a couple of glass of wine everyone became more relaxed. Björn and Benny met the creator of the Dutch group Start on 45 Jaap Eggermont who recorded a medley of ABBA hits in the summer of 1981. Björn and Benny liked very much that interpretation of ABBA hits, which is probably still the best cover of ABBA hits ever done. Benny talked to Barbara Dickson who would play one of the roles in B & B's musical "Chess" three years later. Agnetha and Frida enjoyed the party drinking champagne and dancing in the disco. The party lasted whole night. Benny got asleep at 2 am but was shaken awake some minutes later but the others in ABBA. They fell asleep at 4.30 am.




Frida meets the press

In autumn 1981 Frida met the press and a new photo sessions were taken. The singer was interviewed about among others the show series "Lite grand i örat".



Olivia Newton-John in Stockholm

On 18 September the American pop star Olivia Newton-John came to Stockholm to promote her new album "Physical". The album would be released by Polar Music and a promotional meeting was arranged by Stikkan Anderson in his house Villa Ekarne in Stockholm. Anni-Frid represented ABBA at the dinner at the restaurant "Café Opera" on the same evening.




The Best of ABBA - the box

The 5 LP box entitled simply "The best of ABBA" was released in Great Britain in the autumn of 1981. More than 70 titles could be find on this edition - all from "Waterloo" to "Lay All Your Love On Me" which was the group's latest chart hit in UK. This release was even available on 3 cassettes.






Press Release, October 20, 1981

The original press release informing about the forthcoming album "The Visitors" and the move of thePolar Music headquarter from Baldersgatan to Hamngatan in Stockholm.


Bravo & Razzmatazz in Stockholm

The "Bravo" team from West Germany arrived in Stockholm on November 2nd, 1981 to do some photo sessions and award ABBA with silver Otto. Frida presented her new hair-do - a very modern in the beginning of 1980s "punk-look". Agnetha and Frida participated in the British TV programme "Razzamatazz" where they were talking about Swedish Christmas traditions.



Some rare pictures were taken in Hamngatan-street - just outside the Polar Music office. Three alternative shots have been found by raffem so far...



The Award

On November 11the Frida and Agnetha received the award from the Academy of Swedish Music for the best LP recorded in Sweden - "Super Trouper". Björn and Benny did not attend the reception as they were busy in the recording studio.



One of Us - the video

On November 23th the filming of the video for the song "One of Us was filmed Lasse Hallström's team in his apartment in Stockholm. Agnetha was playing a woman who is moving in to a new flat after divorce. Only Agnetha was filmed this day.



The filming of the video for "One of Us" was continued in the film studios in Solna outside Stockholm on November 27th, with all four members of the group.




Photo sessions

Even a new photo session was taken on the spot. One of the shots would be used for the cover of the forthcoming single "Head Over Heels" in most of the countries except Great Britain.





No hay a quien culpar

On the same day an additional filming for the Spanish version of "When All Is Said And Done" was made.

go.to/Gracias Por La Musica


The album "The Visitors" came out in the late autumn 1981. The cover picture had been taken at the Julius Kronbergs atelje in Skansen, Stockholm (go.to/ABBA related places).

"The Visitors" was released as LP, CD and MC in two versions: the international one and the version for Spanish language territories featuring "When All Is Said And Done" and "Slipping Through My Fingers" sung in Spanish (no CD release). The album contained totally 9 songs.

The opening track "The Visitors" sung by Frida sounded very different to the previous ABBA productions. Frida sang about a fear and mystical visitors that she was waiting for. "Head Over Heels" was a much lighter piece of music which featured "happy" Agnetha singing about her friend living a jet-set life. It was rather obvious that Frida played the girl in the video to the song. "When All Is Said And Done" became "The Winner Takes It All Part 2" as it dealt with Frida and Benny's divorce with dramatic lead vocal delivered by Frida. The closing track on the side 1 "Soldiers" was performed by Agnetha and once again the lyrics were focusing on the cold war and the politics. The sound was heavy but the melody was quite catchy anyway. Probably one of the least known ABBA tracks outside the ABBA community, hidden behind the other songs on "The Visitors".

The opening track on the side 2 of the LP was one more surprise. "I Let The Music Speak" was a typical musical piece. It was probably the first real trial by Björn and Benny to create a musical sound before writing a real musical. Frida was singing lead vocal. This a little bit odd track was followed by the "typical ABBA song" with Agnetha's lead vocals - "One Of Us" - which was even the first hit single from the album. Quite strange selection for the release on the album was "Two For The Price Of One" sung by Björn. Probably "Should I Laugh Or Cry" would be much better choice instead of "Two For The Price of One" even if the song had quite funny lyrics. Next song "Slipping Through My Fingers" was a story about Linda, daughter to Agnetha and Björn and one more pop pearl on "The Visitors". The last song "Like An Angel Passing Through My Room" was very special and featured only Frida on vocals accompanied by Benny with his synthesizer sounding like a ticking clock. This track closed the album which was the last ABBA studio album.

"The Visitors" was released in Scandinavia on November 30th, 1981. It entered the Swedish LP chart on December 22nd and stayed there for 14 weeks peaking at #1.




In the UK the album entered the LP chart on December 19th, where it stayed for 21 weeks reaching #1.



In West Germany the album was released by Polydor even as a Club edition - both LP and MC. "The Visitors" entered the German LP chart on December 21st, 1981 and stayed there for 30 weeks peaking at #1.

West Germany  

Club edition


Polydor released the album even on CD and MC.


In France the album saw its release on November 28th, 1981. The highest position on the French chart was #12.


In Italy "The Visitors" entered the chart at the beginning of 1982 where it stayed for 14 weeks peaking at #35.


In Japan the album entered the chart on December 20, 1981 and it stayed there for 18 weeks peaking at #12.


"The Visitors" in Spain entered the chart in November 1981 where it stayed for 15 weeks reaching #6. The album featured Spanish language versions of "When All Is Said And Done" and "Slipping Through My Fingers".


"The Visitors" entered the Dutch chart on December 12th, 1981 and became a big success staying there for 22 weeks and peaking at #1 for 6 weeks.


The Australian release of the album featured a gatefold cover. "The Visitors" entered the Australian LP chart on December 28th, 1981 and stayed there for 12 weeks peaking at #22.

In USA the album stayed on the chart for 17 weeks with #29 as the highest position.


In Canada "The Visitors" stayed on the album chart for 18 weeks peaking at #12.

alt. record labels    

The album "The Visitors" saw its release in Czechoslovakia in 1982.


The album was even released in Turkey


Promo stuff & more

Promo poster Woolworth

TV ad

Promo poster UK

Promo poster Atlantic

Promo postcard

UK promo stuff



The photo session

The photo session for the album cover was taken in Julius Kronbergs Atelje in Skansen in Stockholm. Several alternative takes came out during the years. The basic 2 shots were released in 1981 on the album cover and on the single "One of Us" cover. The album version features Benny sitting and Björn standing whilst on the single shot B & B change places. More alternative shots from this session appeared in the books: "ABBA The Book" and "Ihre ganze Geschichte"/"On Speaking Terms".



Agnetha Fältskog about "The Visitors"

Most favorite track: "It is always hard to pick one. I like The Visitors very much because it is a bit original and different for us. I also like One of Us and When All Is Said and Done."

Which track did you enjoy making the most? "I think that was Slipping Through My Fingers. It felt very... "true" to do. The situation is like that with our daughter, when she goes to school. Although they are more or less Björn's thoughts, they are mine too I suppose. I think he has captured them very well."

About Head Over Heels: "It's different lyric, I think it is a very happy song. I can see this crazy girl in front of me. It felt very good to sing this song because it felt very cool I think you can hear that, it is a different way to sing. Who is she? It can be any girl, it's no-one special. Maybe Björn knows!"

About Soldiers: "Well I see the lyrics very seriously and I think every human being is a bit afraid of what can happen in the world. The situation does not feel too good. It's about the fear of what can happen."

About One Of Us video: "It was Lasse Hallström's idea to do the flat moving thing. It is his flat! We worked in there for one day and then we went to a studio and did the chorus. It's about a girl who has broken up from her man and she has to move into a new flat. Well that is also a serious song in a way. We had a lot of fun, like when I had to hang the pictures on the wall."

About Like An Angel Passing Through My Room: "I am not there at all. There is just a watch in the background which is really a keyboard. I think it is a strange number because you wait for something that never comes. You know we did two or three different backing tracks for that number and none of them came out that good. So we tried a lot of different sounds and things and nothing worked. Then they tried this very naked approach and I think it sounds a bit exciting, but I have a feeling that it doesn't happen, although I still like it. It is strong enough as a melody but I am not sure it has been given the right treatment.

(Source: International ABBA Magazine no. 5 April 82)

The lyrics

Side A

Side B

Spanish 1

Spanish 2



Julklappstips uti drivor - the Polar promo LP

Polar Music released a promotional album "Julklappstips uti drivor" before Christmas 1981. The cover featured a painting of Stikkan Anderson and the LP was in red vinyl. It contained a mix of songs from Polar's latest releases - among them Agnetha & Linda from their Christmas album, Olivia Newton-John with her latest hit "Physical" and of course ABBA with mix of "The Visitors" and "Two For The Price of One".






"One of Us" - the single release

The first single promoting "The Visitors" was "One of Us" b/w a non-album track "Should I Laugh Or Cry". In Sweden "One of Us" entered the chart on December 22nd, 1981 and stayed there for13 weeks peaking at #2.


In Norway the single featured different cover comparing to the other releases. The picture was b/w and the letters were yellow. The shot was the same as on the cover of the album and not the alternative one with Björn sitting and Benny standing.

"One of Us" entered the Norwegian single chart on January 7th, 1982 and stayed there for 4 weeks peaking at #6.


"One of Us" entered the German chart on December 14th, 1981 and became #1 on January 4th, 1982. Totally the single was present on the German chart for 22 weeks.


In Austria "One of Us" entered the chart on January 15th, 1982 and stayed there for 12 weeks peaking at #3.


"One of Us" was quite successful even in France where it entered the chart in December 1981 and stayed there for 11 weeks peaking at #8.


In Holland "One of Us" entered the SP chart on December 12th, 1981 where it stayed for 9 weeks peaking at #1.


In other countries in  Europe "One of Us" was present on the charts as follows: in Switzerland #3, Norway #6, Spain #7 and Finland #17.

Epic in Great Britain released the single with totally different cover in two versions: as an usual 7" and as a 7" picture disc. The latter one contained a very special version of "Should I Laugh Or Cry" with Benny's voice saying "Ett, två, tre" (One, two, three) before the song starts! This rare version is only available on the picture disc (until autumn 2005 when it was released on CD in the ABBA Box The Complete Recordings). The single entered the UK chart on December 12th, 1981 where it stayed for 10 weeks reaching #3.



One of Us in USA - see ABBA 1983 section.


When All Is Said and Done - the single in USA

The first single release from "The Visitors" in USA was "When All Is Said and Done" which was initially planned even for Europe. This dramatic song about Frida's and Benny's divorce became quite successful in USA where it entered the chart in January 1982 where it peaked at #27. "When All Is Said and Done" reached #29 in Mexico and #81 in Australia.


La carta indiscreta - Argentinian TV special - December 1981

go.to/Gracias Por La Musica


Ampex Golden Reel

At the end of 1981 ABBA was awarded with the "Ampex Golden Reel" by the makers of Ampex Grand Master Studio Tape, the sort "Super Trouper" was recorded on. With the award came a monetary gift of one thousand dollars which ABBA forwarded to "Svenska Handikappsförbundet" (The Swedish Association for Disabled People). At a reception at Polar Studios ABBA together with their technicians and studio managers received their awards from Ampex's European Manger, Mr Gerhard Wick.


Agnetha and Frida on Dutch TV

Agnetha and Frida were interviewed by Dutch TV in December 1981. They were talking about the sales of their previous album "Super Trouper" and of course the latest one "The Visitors". Agnetha said of course a funny thing which was immediately corrected by Frida. The Dutch journalist asked when they started working on the latest album and Agnetha answered that "the boys started writing new songs at the END of THIS year...". Frida said "You mean at the BEGINNING of this year"... 

The girls received flowers and the video "One of Us" was shown at the end of the programme.




The "walk" photo session


The "walk" photo session was taken in the autumn 1981. One of the shots appeared on the inner sleeve of the double album "The Singles - The First Ten Years" in 1982.




The Polar Group special

A very unique release was made by Polar Music AB at the end of 1981. The release was entitled "The Polar Group - economics in word and tune". The package contained two booklets - one with annual report for the period: 1980-05-01 -- 1981-04-30 and one with the Polar Group presentation featuring: Sweden Music, Polar Music Int., Invest Finans and ABBA - New Harlekin. A very special rarity was a LP in white vinyl containing two medleys with artists recording for Polar Music AB.

The first medley with length of 23 minutes and 57 seconds featured among others a very rare Björn and Benny composition: "Fanfare for Icehockey World Championships'81", mix of ABBA songs: "Take a chance on me", "Waterloo", "Fernando", "Chiquitita", "Knowing Me Knowing You", "Eagle", "The Name of the Game", "Rock Me", "Hole In Your Soul", "I Have a Dream", "Dancing Queen", "thank You For the Music" as well as Hootenanny Singers' "Gabrielle" performed in several languages.

The second medley had length 24 minutes and 43 seconds and it featured "Slipping through my fingers" from ABBA's latest up-to-date album "The Visitors".




ABBA received various awards from all over the world for their achievements in 1981.