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Compilation LPs


"Polar Music - 10 years"

A compilation album incl. "Ring Ring", "Hej gamle man (by B & B), songs by Hootenanny Singers, Lena Andersson, Brita Borg (written by B & B) and more. Released in 1973



"ABBA /Björn, Benny, Agnetha & Frida/"

A compilation album from Czechoslovakia containing songs from the albums "Ring Ring" and "Waterloo"



Early compilation from West Germany - "Honey Honey" released in 1974



"The Best of ABBA"

A Polydor compilation with 12 songs from ABBA's three first albums. Release 1975.



"The Best of ABBA"

from Australia 1975


"The Fantastic ABBA" (Pop Power series).

A Polydor compilation with 12 songs. Release early 1976



"The Best of ABBA incl. Fernando" - release 1976    
"The Best of ABBA" - release 1976    

"Golden Double Album"

the first French compilation. A double LP with totally 24 songs chosen from the first three ABBA albums and Fernando



"The Very Best of ABBA"

A double compilation LP from West Germany with 24 tracks including "Fernando".



"16 ABBA Hits"

Rare compilation from West Germany with 16 songs including Fernando.



Asian "Greatest Hits including Fernando" - the first edition 1976.    
"Disco Drönet" - Denmark 1977 incl. Dancing Queen.    

"Honey Honey"

A German re-release of the album "Honey Honey" from 1974. This edition from 1979.




Slovakian compilation album released by "Opus" in Czechoslovakia in 1977. Very rare.



The SKAP box.

A very unique box set from 1976. Released by The Swedish Society of Popular music Composers, Lyricists and Arrangers (SKAP)

Including songs from ABBA, Harpo, Björn Skifs and other artists from Sweden. Release 1976.



"Greatest Hits including Fernando"

A compilation LP from Malaysia with 14 songs.  Release 1977.



"The Magic of ABBA"

 including a very short version of "Chiquitita". Released worldwide in 1980.



"Äntligen sommarlov" (Finally summer vacation)

a rare one including: Benny playing a solo piece and ABBA's "Summer Night City" live.



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im000467.jpg (25871 bytes)

"A wie ABBA"

No. 1 on German and Dutch charts in the summer 1981



"Aniversario los 10 años de ABBA" - a South American compilation released in 1981



"Dez Anos"

A compilation from Brasil containing 14 songs. Released in 1981.



"The Must of ABBA"

from France. Released in 1982.



"Por Siempre" - Argentina 1982    
"A Collection of Hits" - USA 1982    

"Thank You For The Music"

from 1983 features 14 love songs incl. "Fernando" in Spanish.

Released in 1983.



"Golden Hits"

 from Brasilien. Some of the songs are edited.




"I love ABBA"

from West Germany released in 1983



"From ABBA with love" - Holland 1983    

"I love ABBA"

from France, 1984.



The US compilation released in 1984 by Warner Music



The Story of ABBA - Canada 1984



"The Love Songs" - West Germany 1984    

"I Love ABBA"

from USA, 1984



"The Best of ABBA"

from Holland, 1985



"Das Portrait"
West Germany 1986

"Absolute ABBA"

Double LP incl 24 songs. Made in UK 1988.



"Os grandes sucessos"

A very rare compilation album from Brazil including en extended version of "I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do"(4.20).

Released in 1988.



The best of ABBA - 25 Jaar pop muziek

Holland 1988 - 13 songs including The Day Before You Came



"ABBA The Collection"

 is a double compilation LP from UK. 



"ABBA The Collection vol. 2"

 is a very strange album. The LP "Ring Ring" mixed with "Live"



"The Best of ABBA"

This compilation is the Polish version of "The Singles"


"The Hits" - 1987




"The Hits 2" - UK



"The Hits 3"



"ABBA" - compilation from Brazil released in 1995.    



Compilation CDs


"From ABBA with love" 1984

Including: remixed versions of Eagle, To Turn The Stone and Wrap Your Arms Around Me




"The Collection" 1987

18 songs



"The Collection Vol. 2" 1988 


"Absolute ABBA" - UK 1988

(2 CD)


"The best of ABBA" - The Netherlands 1988    

"International" 1989

German versions of "Ring Ring", "Another Town Another Train", Spanish "Chiquitita", French "Waterloo", live versions of "Take A Chance on Me" and "I Wonder".




"Love Songs" 1989

18 songs

The Netherlands


"The Love Songs" 1989

Including 14 songs




"The Hits 1, 2 & 3" - the box




All hits from Australian charts collected on CD. Feat. remixed version of "The Name Of The Game". Release in Australia 1990



"ABBA Story" - France 1991



ABBA The Remix Project

Release 1992


"Svensktoppar 1"

including: Björn´s "Raring" 1968, songs with Hootenany Singers and Lena Andersson

Release 1993



"Julens musik"

Two Christmas LPs on one CD.

The whole LP with Agnetha and Linda and the album with Frida and Hootenanny Singers (see Frida section)



"Polars roliga timme"

Including very rare songs: "Tango i det gröna (Pettersson) by Frida and "Ljuva sextital" by Agnetha released for the first time on this CD in 1994



"På svenska"

ABBA together and solo in Swedish.

Released 1994


"Pop favoriter" - a collection of songs performed by ABBA, Agnetha, Frida, Elaine Paige and others. Some rare recordings.

From 1994


"The Music Still Goes On" - released in 1996

16 songs




"ABBA - Master Series" 1996

18 songs




"ABBA - Master Series" 1998

The same songs as on previous one, different cover.




"Arrival, Ring Ring..."

Compilation from Germany with 16 songs




"The Best" a compilation from Poland including 23 songs from Abba´s two first LPs "Ring Ring" and "Waterloo"



"Gold Collection - The Best"

One more strange CD compilation from Poland.



"Classic ABBA" 1999

18 songs

(see even the Australian 2005 release of this CD)



The Dutch celebration of the 25th anniversary of "Waterloo"

Released: April 9th, 1999



The Dutch celebration of the 25th anniversary of "Waterloo" - del 2.

Released: October 1st, 1999



ABBA Millenium Edition. Released in 2000    

Japanese compilation "SOS" released in 2001.



"Todo ABBA" - a CD/DVD compilation with nice booklet. Release in Spain 2004



The ABBA Story

compilation from France 2004



18 Hits
compilation from Sweden 2005
contains 14 international hits and 4 songs sung in Swedish




18 Hits

international version 2005

slightly different track listing



"Classic ABBA" - the Australian edition released in 2005 with completely different track listing to the European version from 1999. Even the front cover is features different photo.



"Exitos eternos" - all ABBA songs recorded in Spanish. Released in USA only in 2005.    

"Take A Chance on Me" - released in Europe in 2005. Contains 14 songs.



"La nostra storia" - an Italian compilation with 20 songs. Release 2005



"Numer Ones" - the 2 CD edition. Release: November 2006


"Greatest Hits" - 2 CD. Release in Russia 2017    
"Classic ABBA" - compilation 2009    
"Icon" - compilation, September 2010    
"Collected" - 3 CDs, compilation, July 12, 2011    
"40/40 The best selection", Japan March 26th, 2014    
"After ABBA", Sweden, May 2018    


All ABBA "Gold" editions in the ABBA Records section


More compilations on MCs


  "The Best of ABBA, Holland, 1976
"The Best of ABBA", Germany, 1976

"The Very Best of ABBA" from Germany, 1976

"16 ABBA Hits" from Germany, 1976


"Greatest Hits including Fernando", 1976

"ABBA Special 1981", origin unknown, 1980

im002467.jpg (17669 bytes)


"A Van ABBA", Holland, 1981


Thank You For The Music

UK 1983

"Live" from Holland, 1986


"The Winner Takes It All" released as MC only in Denmark.

Including dead-end version of "Under Attack" - rare, 1988


Sweden 1988


Sweden 1988 - the same as "Money Money Money" - only different cover


Guld Hits Vol.1

Sweden 1988


Guld Hits Vol. 2

Sweden 1988


Guld Hits Vol. 3

Sweden 1988


Guld Hits Vol. 4 Sweden - The same as Danish MC "The Winner Takes it All"

Contains the dead-end version of "Under Attack"


Dancing Queen

Sweden 1988


ABBA Story

France 1991

"Love Songs" from Holland, 1989

"Live" - the 1997 re-master from Holland

im000801.jpg (18346 bytes)


"The Best of ABBA" - 3 MCs released by Reader´s Digest





The Books & Notes


"ABBA The lovers whose music conquered the world" by Harry Edgington's and Peter Himmestrand.

Issued in 1977

ABBA The Ultimate Pop Group by Marianne Lindvall. Issued in 1977

"ABBA Made in Sweden" - issued in The Netherlands in 1977.

English version of "Fenomenet ABBA" entitled "ABBA by ABBA" from 1977.

im002634.jpg (19646 bytes)

ABBA The Folio - with notes and texts to ABBA The Album. Some b/w photos.

Issued in 1977

im002643.jpg (23911 bytes)

The German issue of Marianne Lindvall's story of ABBA.

Issued in 1978.

Harry Edgington and Peter Himmelstrand have released this ABBA biography in 1978 in Great Britain.

im002655.jpg (22502 bytes)

"Fenomenet ABBA" - probably the first official biography of the group issued in Sweden in 1978.

The Dutch version of the ABBA biography by Christer Borg and Thomas Minor. Features partly different pictures. Holland 1978
The German version of Christer Borg's ABBA biography. West Germany 1978.

"Boken om ABBA" - one more biography from Sweden in 1978.

ABBA Annual 1978

im002662.jpg (10734 bytes)

The official tour programme 1979.

ABBA Annual 1979

im002644.jpg (17248 bytes)

"ABBA värld av musik" aka "ABBA for the record" a classical book about ABBA from 1980.

"ABBA Edition speciale" from Belgium.

Issued in 1980.

im002648.jpg (30184 bytes)

"Succe på världs-scenen" - the story of ABBA's tour in 1979.

Issued in 1980.

Danish version of the 1979 tour book.

Issued in 1980

im002635.jpg (18255 bytes)

Super Trouper note book contains lots of photos from the period. Some of them rare.

Issued in 1980

Super Trouper - the note book from UK.

Issued in 1980.

ABBA Annual 1980

im002652.jpg (23953 bytes)

"ABBA in their own words" an English book with b/w photos.

Issued in 1981.

ABBA Annual 1981

ABBA A lyrical collection
Issued in March 1982

"Take a chance on me" - German songbook.

Issued in April 1982.

ABBA Annual 1982

ABBA Annual 1983


im002632.jpg (25231 bytes)

Stikkan Anderson biography with an ABBA chapter. Issued in 1983.

ABBA - Their Story. The book was written by John Tobler and issued in Great Britain in 1984.

The Great Songs of Abba. Note book issuede in Great Britain and Australia

in 1985

A strange issue which was available under short period in Sweden in 1992 when the ABBA revival started. It contains some rare pictures.

The first "mini" edition of "ABBA Gold" by John Tobler.

Issued in 1992.

"ABBA Gold" by John Tobler.

Issued in the UK 1993.

"ABBA Gold" - Swedish version.

Issued in Sweden 1993.

German book about ABBA connected to the releases of ABBA Gold and More ABBA Gold.

Issued in 1993.

im002646.jpg (21739 bytes)

"The Music still goes on" - the story of ABBA and the members' solo careers. Lots of rare pictures.

Issued in 1994.


"The Complete Recording Sessions" - a great studio diary written by Carl Magnus Palm. Lots of pictures.

Issued in 1994.

"The Name of The Game" an English gossip biography.

Issued in 1995.

im002633.jpg (15217 bytes)

Carl Magnus Palm's Swedish ABBA biography - "The people and the music". Some b/w photos.

Issued in 1996.

im002653.jpg (19133 bytes)

"Som jag är" - the Swedish issue of Agnetha Fältskog story.

Issued in 1996.

im002645.jpg (14550 bytes)

"As I Am" the story of Agnetha Fältskog - the English edition with lots of ABBA pictures.

Issued in 1997

"Som jeg er" from Denmark

Issued in 1997

The issue from Czech Republic contains extra large collection of pictures.

Issued in 1998.

The Swedish ABBA photographer Bengt H. Malmqvist's photo album containing an ABBA section with some beautiful and rare photos as well as two very rare Frida pictures from 1968.

Issued in 1998.

im002647.jpg (19036 bytes)

"Från ABBA till Mamma Mia" (From ABBA to Mamma Mia). This nice book with pictures of Anders Hanser.

Issued in 1999.

"Zwyciezca bierze wszystko" (The Winner Takes It All) - a book in Polish.

Issued in Poland in 1999.

im002654.jpg (26050 bytes)

"The very best of ABBA" - a note book with some nice pictures.

Issued in 1999.

im002651.jpg (17533 bytes)

"ABBA The Book" by Jean-Marie Poitiez.

Issued in 2000.

im002650.jpg (21472 bytes)

"La Légende" by Jean-Marie Poitiez  French biography of ABBA.

Issued in 2001

The first book with ABBA pictures 1974-1980 taken by Bravo's photographer Wolfgang Heilemann.

Issued in 2001.

The Russian edition of Carl Magnus Palm's book about ABBA.

Issued in 2001.

The story of ABBA in Spanish.

Issued in 2000

This book from Vietnam. Most of the pictures taken from Jean-Marie Poitiez' "ABBA The Book".

"Bright lights, dark shadows" by Carl Magnus Palm.

Issued in 2001.


ABBA Thank You For The Music is the German issue of "The Name of the Game".

Issued in 2001.

Danish ABBA biography "ABBA Thank You For the Music" written by Carsten Michael Laursen.

Issued in 2002.

ABBA "Thank You for the Music" - Robert Scott's reviews of ABBA songs.

Issued in 2002.

German version of the Scott's book

Issued in 2004

"Benny's road to ABBA" by Carl Magnus Palm. Lots of interesting facts and pictures of Benny. Even some rare early ABBA photos. Issued in  2004.

ABBA biography from UK. Issued in November 2004

Elisabeth Vincentelli's analysis of ABBA Gold and some thoughts about ABBA albums. Issued in 2004.

Vem är Björn och Vem är Benny - Who is Björn and who is Benny. Kind of funny book written by two Swedish journalists/TV personalities. One section in this book is devoted to ABBA but it is more fun than any serious facts. Some nice ABBA pictures. Issued in Sweden 2004.

The German version of "ABBA on speaking terms".

ABBA Gold Hits issued in July 2005. ABBA on hit charts all over the world.

The book about ABBA written mainly for children in easy Swedish. Surprisingly it contains several very rare pictures of ABBA. Released in August 2005 in Sweden.

A whole book about the folk part in Örebro (Sweden). Contains an interview with Björn Ulvaeus about Hootenanny Singers, ABBA as well as rare pictures of the groups and Hep Stars with Benny Andersson.

The book "Fans" written by Fredrik Strage issued in Sweden in September 2005 contains unique interview with Agnetha Fältskog's stalker Gert van der Graaf who tells his own story about his and Fältskog's relationship.

"A tribute to Frida" - a wonderful selection of Frida pictures from different periods of her life made by Philippe Elan and Jean-Marie Potiez. Lots of rare pictures.

Issue: April 2006

German paper's "Frau im Spiegel" own release in the series "Legends". The booklet with 98 sides and many rare pictures.

June 2006

"Mamma Mia How can I resist you". The story of ABBA and Mamma Mia the musical told by Benny, Björn and Judy Craymer.

Issued in UK in September 2006

"ABBA la biographie" - the story of ABBA and after in French. Issued in France in 2007.
ABBA Facts and quotations - issued in Sweden in 2007
"The little book of ABBA" - issued in Great Britain in the autumn 2007
The book about the Swedish pop entertainer Björn Skifs has been issued in Sweden at the end of 2007. The book is created as a kind of scrapbook with clippings about Björn Skifs from Swedish press from the very beginning of his career until today. It contains some rare ABBA pictures and some interesting trivia as scans of telegrams from ABBA to Björn, travel schedule for European promotion of the single "Arbiter" from the musical "Chess" and much more. Absolute wonderful story of a big Swedish artist in pictures. The book is in Swedish.
"ABBA The Story" - Sweden, September 2008 by Carl Magnus Palm (in Swedish).
"Stikkan" - Sweden, September 2008 by Petter Karlsson (in Swedish). Absolutely fabulous story of Stikkan Anderson told by his daughter Marie Ledin. Lots of previously unknown facts about business behind ABBA.
Norwegian version of "ABBA The Story" by Carl-Magnus Palm, October 2008
"Poster - Nordens största Poptidning 1974-1980" - the story of the biggest pop paper in the Nordic countries between 1974 and 1980. Lots of ABBA pictures and huge Agnetha poster in the first issue of the book. Issued November 2008.
Danish version of "ABBA The Story" by Carl-Magnus Palm, November 2008
"ABBA Scrapbook" by Jean-Marie Poitiez
The Dutch version of the Brita Åhman book "Som jag är" from 1996. Issued in the Netherlands March 2009
"The complete ABBA" - Issued in the UK on 31 October 2009
The Czech version of "ABBA The Story" by Carl Magnus Palm - issued 2009
"Fortellingen om ABBA" - Norway 2009
"ABBA in Amerika" (ABBA in America) - issued in February 2010
"From ABBA to Mamma Mia" - an updated version re-issued in February 2010
"The ABBA guide to Stockholm" by Sara Russel - issued in April 2010
"ABBA Thank You For the Music" - limited edition distributed by WHSmith stores in the UK in 2010.
"ABBA Treasures" - issued in November 2010

"ABBA - Une légende noreique"

Issued: November 2010.

Abbaworld official catalogue feat. the story of the group. Lots of pictures some of them rare.

"ABBA Ihr Leben, ihre grössten Erfolge"

Issued: 2011 in Germany

German re-issue of Robert Scott's book from 2002 (in Germany 2004)

"Thank You For The Music" with different cover and smaller size.

Issued: 2011 in Germany

ABBA - Life in pictures. Issued 2012 in the UK and USA
ABBA w Polsce (ABBA in Poland). Issued in Poland on September 25, 2013
"ABBA fenomen i legenda" (ABBA phenomenon and legend) Poland 2013
"ABBA historia supergrupy" Poland 2013 (by Carl Magnus Palm in Polish)
ABBA The Backstage Stories. Issued in March 2014.
ABBA The photo book. Issued in March 2014
ABBA Le coulisses du succès. France May 2014
Sagan om ABBA, written by Björn Ulvaeus 2014
ABBA by Calvero, 2015
Classic Pop Presents: ABBA A Celebration, UK, USA, Australia November 2016
Agnetha Fältskog - The girl with the golden hair, 2016
ABBA - Cèdaire, France 2018
ABBA special (Retro) - France 2018
ABBA Song by Song - March 2020
Hanser - Han ser! - August 2021
Frida beyond ABBA - February 2022



Video & DVD


Music Show 1 - the first ABBA video release with 7 clips: Gimme Gimme Gimme, Knowing Me Knowing You, Take A Chance on Me, Money Money Money, The Name of the Game, Eagle, Voulez-Vous

Release: 1980



Music Show 2 with 7 videos: On and On and On (extended version), One Man One Woman, Summer Night City, Dancing Queen, Thank You For The Music, Does Your Mother Know and The Winner Takes It All.

Release: 1980.


Music Show 3 was released in 1983 and it contained two solo videos filmed by Agnetha and Frida + 6 ABBA clips.



Raskenstam - the Swedish movie picture with Agnetha Fältskog

Release: 1983


ABBA the music biography

Release: 1984

ABBA The Movie

Release: 1987


The Video Hits feat. the extended "On and On and On" with an extra verse.

Release: UK 1988



It contains even Agnetha and Frida solo videos.

Release: UK 1988



ABBA The Movie

Release: 1989



ABBA Gold The Video

Release: 1992



More ABBA Gold

Release: 1993



ABBA live 1979 with a short US documentary

Release: 1993



Thank You ABBA

Release: 1994



The Winner Takes It All - VHS

Release: 1999.



The Winner Takes It All - DVD

Release: 1999


ABBA The Definitive collection containing 35 videos, 2002



ABBA Gold on DVD

Release: August 11, 2003



ABBA Gold the re-release (sound & vision)

Release: Autumn 2003



ABBA Live 79, March 29th, 2004



Super Troupers - a documentary about ABBA with focus on the 30th anniversary celebration in London, April 6th, 2004. New interviews with Frida and Björn (2004).



"Waterloo" - the DVD single

Release: 2004



The DVD single containing three ABBA videos and one trailer (2004).



"The seduction of Inge" (Någon att älska) - a DVD release of the Swedish soft porn movie picture with Benny and Björn's music. A video to "Inga Theme" is added as a bonus.

US release 2004



"Todo ABBA" - CD/DVD set

Release: Spain 2004



Music Review - ABBA 1973-82 2 DVD

Release in UK 2005



ABBA The Movie - the limited edition




A compilation DVD with well-known videos. Released in 2006. (This version of the DVD from Australia).



"Number Ones" - well-known videos + some previously unreleased TV stuff. Release 2006



ABBA in performance

Release: 2006


"The Golden Years" - low-budget release containing the English version of the Dutch TV special with ABBA from 1982



ABBA The Movie - the Blu-ray edition.


Czech release of the Dutch show "The story of ABBA" filmed in 1982.  
The UK DVD release of "The story of ABBA" - 2011    



Other stuff


Singstar - ABBA


The new game for Playstation "Singstar - ABBA" is available in the Nordic countries from 19 November 2008. You can sing 25 songs together with ABBA and see high quality original videos on the screen. The singstar game judges you as a singer and confirms its judgment with points - better song = more points. Two persons can compete with each other at the same time - two microphones are attached. The version of the game scanned below is available in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.




ABBA - The Monopoly

ABBA the Monopoly was issued on December 10th, 2014 - the final ABBA related product issued in connection to the 40th anniversary.