Drottningholm - photo sessions & more

The Old Town in Stockholm - photo sessions

Riddarholmen island in Stockholm - photo sessions

Skeppsbron Stockholm - photo sessions 1977

Early photo sessions

The photo sessions 1975 (Golden Double Album)

The "Greatest Hits" photo sessions 1975

The "Greatest Hits" photo sessions - the canon

The "Greatest Hits" photo sessions - the door

Bravo sessions in Vallentuna

Early photo session in Stockholm

The 1974 BRAVO session - Stockholm Järntorget

The 1974 BRAVO session - Skeppsholmen, Paradiset

The Pildamms Theatre at the Pildammsparken Malmö Björn 1968/ABBA 1973




The Drottningholm palace and the park. ABBA made several photo sessions in the park and even filmed some episodes for "ABBA The Movie" and the "National" commercial. Agnetha was filmed in the park in 1999 for the ABBA documentary.





The Old Town in Stockholm

The Old Town in Stockholm is well known because of many ABBA photo sessions. Here is the most famous of them all, on the Old Town Market.




The session below was taken on the island Riddarholmen in the middle of Stockholm. You can see the City Hall behind ABBA.

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Skeppsbron in Stockholm

This photo session was taken in the middle of Stockholm in 1977. The place is called Skeppsbron and it is situated in the eastern part of the Old Town.




Early photo session

The area Ladugårdsgärdet between the Swedish TV Center and the TV tower - Kaknästornet was chosen for one of the first ABBA photo sessions back in 1972.


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The photo sessions - late summer of 1975

These well known photo-sessions were taken in the part of Stockholm called Djurgården in the late summer of 1975. The place is the restaurant "Ulla Winblad". Agnetha & Frida were posing outside the restaurant. Benny & Björn can be seen sitting at one of the tables. Pictures from this session were used on the French compilation LP "Golden Double Album".


The "Greatest Hits" photo sessions

These well-known shots were taken outside the restaurant "Ulla Winblad" on Djurgården in Stockholm. The restaurant area has been changed during the years but the building is still the same.




The "Greatest Hits" photo sessions - the canon

These photo sessions were taken outside "Sjöhistoriska Museet" (The National Maritime Museum) situated not far away from Kaknästornet.


The "Greatest Hits" photo sessions - the door

We found the door. Mission impossible!... almost. The door is the main entrance to "Sjöhistoriska Museet" (The National Maritime Museum) in Stockholm (see the map above).


The Bravo photo sessions in Vallentuna

The Bravo photographer Wolfgang Heilemann took an extensive photo sessions with ABBA in Vallentuna outside Stockholm where the four group members lived by that time (until 1975). The photos were taken behind Agnetha's and Björn's house.


The early ABBA photo session, Lilla Essingen island in Stockholm

At the beginning of 1970s Agnetha and Björn had a flat on the island Lilla Essingen in Stockholm. Björn, Benny, Agnetha and Frida posed for a photo session some day in 1970. In the background can be seen Västerbron (West Bridge) and the church of Högalid (with two towers).

Exactly the same position as Björn.

That's what they saw when they posed for the photo...


The BRAVO session - Gamla stan

In the summer 1974 German pop photographer Wolfgang Heilemann took several photo sessions with ABBA in Stockholm. One of them was taken on Järntorget in the Old Town.



The BRAVO session - Skeppsholmen

Sexton huge sculptures on the island Skeppsholmen were background for one of the BRAVO photo sessions lead by German photographer Wolfgang Heileman in the summer 1974 in Stockholm. The sculptures are still there only 50 meters from Benny's Mono Music office.



The Pildamms Theatre at Pildammsparken - Malmö

The open air theatre at the Pildammsparken in Malmö was particularly popular place for ABBA members at the beginning of their career. Björn Ulvaeus filmed video for the song "Tangokavaljer" there in 1968 and ABBA took one of their very first extended photo sessions as a group in 1973. The theatre is still existing after more than 40 years and remaining in the same shape as in 1973.

The ABBA session 1973

Björn - video "Tangokavaljer" 1968


Pildammsteater - where in Malmö?



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