"Modlitba pro Martu" (The Prayer for Marta).

The most famous single in Czech Republic released in 1968. This song became the biggest freedom hymn in Czech Republic and the most hated song by the communists who decided two years later to forbid Marta as a singer. Marta came back in 1989 after the Revolution in Czechoslovakia and sang her Prayer from a balcony in front of hundred thousand people gathered at the Vaclavske Namesti in Prague.

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The Albums

Golden Kids "Micro magic circus" 1969 (with Helena and Vaclav Neckar)

The first  album released by Marta Kubisova in 1969. The album was recorded in November and December 1968 in Prague. It contains 11 songs. The re-released on CD in 1996 brought one bonus track - a rare version of "Modlitba pro Martu" recorded in August 1968 live. Background vocals by Helena Vondrackova and Vaclav Neckar.

Golden Kids "1" 1970

Re-release of Marta's debut LP "Songy a balady"

This re-release: 1990

The first release of "Songy a balady" on CD - 1990
Marta's first studio album after 1989 containing 15 advent songs. Recorded and released in 1990

21 years after the debut album Marta was in the recording studio again. Her third official album was recorded in April 1991 and released later the same year. It contains 10 songs.

The album "Songy a nalady" was recorded and released in 1993. The songs from this album were used in the Czech movie "Stalo se na podzim" directed by Jan Nemec.

This superb album "Reka vuni" came out in 1995. It's absolutely the best studio album released by Marta in 1990s. It contains 14 songs wonderfully interpreted by the singer.

The first CD from "Marta - The Collection" was called "The Singles 1". There are 25 songs recorded between 1963 and 1967 on this album. Release 1996.

"Buh vi..." (God knows...) was released in 1996. Marta in her best mood - in a little jazz club somewhere in Prague's old town, with a cigarette singing jazz, pop and chancon.

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"Marta Kubisova The Collection 2" was released in 1997. There are 22 rare recordings on this CD. Most of the songs were recorded in 1967.

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Some biggest Czech and Slovakian musicians decided to record this album featuring Marta on 5 tracks. Release 1997.

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Marta's own Christmas album was released at the end of 1997.

"Marta Kubisova - The Collection 3 - Dejte mi kousek louky". One more collection of Marta's singles and rarities recorded in 1967 and early radio recordings from 1963 & 1964.

This greatest hits collection with 22 songs was released in 1999.

"The Marta Kubisova Collection 4 - Modlitba". This compilation contains 21 songs. Among them Marta's version of "On top of old smokey" from 1965 even covered by ABBA 10 years later.

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Marta Kubisova at Ungelt. This album contains her 12 hits re-recorded at the Ungelt Theatre in Prague in 1999.

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"The Marta Kubisova Collection 6 - Tajga blues". This double CD contains 33 songs recorded 1969-70 - her last recordings before she became forbidden as a singer by the communist regime in 1970. Released in 2000.

Marta Gold - the compilation of her best songs recorded in 1990s.

Compilation "Pribeh - to nejlepsi" - release 2004.

"JŠ jsem jŠ" - Marta live at the Vinohrady theatre on March 21, 2004. Containing three previously unreleased songs from the musical "Tell Me on a Sunday".

"Vitej lasko" - brand new material on this CD was released on April 11, 2005.

"In My World" - a sensational project with an American team, released in November 2005.

24 Golden Hits of Golden Kids featuring 5 newly re-recorded songs, 2008
The Soul of Marta Kubisova - international release in Europe, October 30th, 2009
Vyznani - Zlata Kolekce - 3 CDs, May 28th, 2010
Zlata sedesata - Golden Sixties - 6 CDs, October 12th, 2012
Touha jmenem Einodis - CD single - June 2013
Duet with Stefan Margita - "Jaka to nadhera" - December 2013
Magicky hlas rebelky - The magic voice of the rebel - July 2014
Live - October 14th, 2014
Touha jmenem Einodis - October 2015
Soul - released on October 7th, 2016
Naposledy - live at Lucerna 2017, release November 15, 2018 (CD & DVD)
Putovani - released on October 7th, 2019
Depese - November 15th, 2019



The Singles selection


"Jakoby nic"/"Hare Krisna" - international release in Europe, January 2010




Greatest hits, release 26.08.2008
Magicky hlas rebelky, release 19.11.2014 (documentary)
Touha jmenem Einodis, release October 2015 (musical)
Naposledy - live at Lucerna 2017, release November 15, 2018 (CD & DVD)