Rosenstolz 25 years

The 25th anniversary of Rosenstolz is celebrated with a new compilation CD "Das Beste". The CD contains 20 hits - 79 minutes.




Peter + Sarah Connor

The German pop star Sarah Conner released her new solo album at the end of May 2015. Ten songs on the album are written by Sarah together with Peter and Ulf. The album entitled "Muttersprache" entered the German album chart on May 29th at #1.


Gleis 8

New photo session was published in April 2015. Preparations for new album release continue.

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Coming in - the soundtrack

Peter and Ulf have written all the songs for the film "Coming in" which had its premiere in Germany in October 2014. The soundtrack album features 12 songs in English. The album saw its release on October 24th, 2014.



Romeo & Julia - the musical

The newest Peter's project the musical "Romeo & Julia" was released on CD on August 22nd, 2014. The CD contains 15 songs performed by different artists. See the track listing below.

1. Ouvertüre - Peter Plate, Ulf Leo Sommer, Daniel Faust 2. Die Liebe kennt mich nicht – Fabian Buch 3. Elektrisch – Sebastian Rätzel & Carolina Bigge 4. Wohin – Maxine Kazis & Fabian Buch 5. Dann fall ich – Maxine Kazis & Fabian Buch 6. Natur – Peter Plate, Carolina Bigge 7. Señorita – Fabian Buch & Katharina Thalbach 8. High – Maxine Kazis 9. Du sehnsuchtsvolle Nacht – Maxine Kazis 10. Ein gutes Gefühl – Ruth Rosenfeldt & Tim Fischer 11. Letzter Tanz – Maxine Kazis & Fabian Buch 12. Für die Liebe – Maxine Kazis 13. Wie das Ticken einer Uhr – Fabian Buch 14. Ich hab dir niemals gesagt... – Fabian Buch 15. Vergiss mich nie – Maxine Kazis



Film music

Peter has written music to the movie "Bibi and Tina" which had its cinema premiere on March 6th, 2014. The soundtrack was released on CD.



Peter remixes Agnetha

Peter has – together with his team Daniel Faust and Ulf Sommer – produced a new mix of „Dance your pain away“ performed by Agnetha Fältskog. The version was sent out as an alternate version to all German radio stations.
The new version „Dance your pain away (D.U.P. RMX)“ surprises as a very fresh, modern and sexy pop song. Peter states: „It was a great pleasure to work with the single files of the song, to find a new vision of the album version and create something that is different and surprising. We all feel very honoured that we got the allowance to work on this song. We did it with a lot of fun and full of respect. Agnetha is such a great artist and we really appreciate that she and her team gave us the chance to work on this song and create something different.“
For more information and a sample of the mix go to and follow the link there. Enjoy!


Bleibt das immer so

The debut album of Gleis8 featuring AnNa saw its release on May 24, 2013 in two versions. The CD version contains 12 songs and the deluxe version features 2 CD. The second single in the deluxe package contains 5 songs in acustic versions.



Peter's first solo album

"Schüchtern ist mein Glück" (Shiness is my happiness) was released in Germany on April 5th in two versions - the 12-track-CD and a limited deluxe edition. The limited deluxe double-CD-edition features five bonus tracks - two demos and three songs from the album performed in English as well as instrumental versions of all album tracks. Absolutely stunning album with great music and some absolutely great ballads. One of highlights is definitively "Schöner war's mit dir" - a classical Peter composition with great vocals as well as "Kapitän" recorded in both German and English for this release. The first single from the album "Wir beide sind musik" is the opening track on the album - an up-tempo track as well as the title song "Schüchtern ist mein Glück". Rosenstolz have always been known for high quality of music and lyrics and the same goes for Peter as all 12 compositions on the album are extremely strong numbers.