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Das Grosse Leben - the album release

The tour 2006

The second single "Nichts von alledem (tut mir leid)

The third single "Ich geh in Flammen auf"

Das grosse Leben - the DVD & 2 CD

Auch Im Regen - the single & the promotion

"Das grosse Leben" - limited edition CD + DVD, November 24th




Ich bin ich (wir sind wir) - the first single release

The single "Ich bin ich (wir sind wir) was released on February 10th, 2006 in four versions. The first version contained two tracks from the forthcoming album: "Ich bin ich (wir sind wir)" and "Etwas zerstört" and two non-album tracks "Kannst du mich hochziehn" and  "Lass es liebe sein" - theme from the movie "Mutterseelenallein".


The second version of the single contained 6 different mixes of "Ich bin ich (Wir sind wir)" as well as the making of video "Ich bin ich (wir sind wir)".


The third promotional CD single featured 4 mixes of "Ich bin Ich (wir sind wir)"

The fourth version of the single was released on vinyl as 12" with four mixes of "Ich bin ich".




AnNa and Peter promoted the new single and the forthcoming album in February in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. About 350 fans participated in a release party at the big Zeiss-Planetarium.



Ich bin ich (wir sind wir) - the video

The video showed AnNa and Peter as children. Not everything in the film was true of course but many facts from their real lives were included. Young AnNa and Peter were played by children from one of the Berlin schools.


Das grosse Leben = a masterpiece...

The new album "Das grosse Leben" (The big life) was released on March 3rd, 2006 and it featured 12 new compositions written by Peter, AnNa and Ulf. The album was released even as "de luxe" edition with a bonus DVD containing four videos as well as the making of the album and the making of the video "Ich bin ich".


The songs on the album were quite typical Rosenstolz pop with catchy music written mostly by Peter and great lyrics written by both AnNa, Peter and Ulf. AnNa had lead vocal on eleven tracks and Peter on one - "Ein Wunder für mich". The album entered charts in Germany, Switzerland and Austria on March 19th, 2006. In Switzerland "Das grosse Leben" stayed on the chart for 42 weeks peaking at #10. In Austria the album stayed on the chart for amazing 52 weeks peaking at #1.


 Even a limited vinyl version of the album was released at the same time.



Photo sessions



The videos

The group recorded four videos to following songs: "Ich bin ich (Wir sind wir), "Ein Wunder für mich", "Etwas zerstört" and "Woran hält sich die Liebe".



The promo DVD

Even a DVD "Making of Das Grosse Leben" was distributed in promotional purpose for mass media in March .



Rosenstolz on tour 2006

The tour schedule



The Master Cut series

The first release in the series PMC Producers Master Cut was a double CD entitled "Mondkuss" featuring 24 early recordings of Rosenstolz, some of them in alternative versions.



Rosenstolz on Tour 2006

The group was touring in Germany during spring and early summer. The show was a wonderful mix of the old and new stuff. AnNa and Peter were in high form after the "time-out" in 2005. The most fantastic thing about the Rosenstolz new show was that the very new songs from the latest album which were by that time about 2 months old had already become classics! The reaction of the audience was incredible. The forthcoming single "Nichts von alledem" was a strong number performed absolutely great by AnNa. Peter was running around and stimulated the audience to more activity. He even performed some songs - the obligatory "Die Zigarette danach" and a new one "Ein wunder für mich". The definitive highlight from "Das grosse Leben" was of course "Aus Liebe wollt ich alles wissen" and it was probably one of the strongest performances during the show. The first single "Ich bin Ich" sounded maybe a little bit mechanical as "Willkommen" - the 2004 single hit from the album "Herz" but it worked live. The group performed some songs written and recorded at the very beginning of their career and they fit very well with the new ones even if you could understand how much the group had developed as a pop act. The wonderful "Die Schlampen sind müde" and many other tracks from the 1990s were of course included and they make the audience very happy.

Both Peter and AnNa were once again a great team and there is no doubt about it that they like each other very much and work together very good. The artists were joking about their past between the songs and there were some nice dialogs during the show.


Nichts von alledem tut mir leid - the single"

The second single from the album "Das grosse Leben" featuring "Nichts von alledem (tut mir leid)" saw its release in 5 different versions on May 26th, 2006.

CDS 1 contained two previously unreleased songs - a demo/working versions of "Wo bist du" and "Alles falsch gemacht". The remixed versions of the songs that were aimed for this single release had been stolen from the group's studio in April 2006. 


CDS 2 with 5 songs in live versions from the 2006 tour was a great gift for all fans who had already seen Rosenstolz live in 2006. The tracks for this single had been chosen by fans.


CDS 3 featured 5 different remixes of "Nichts von alledem tut mir leid".



The 7" single featured two mixes of "Nichts von alledem tut mir Leid"


The 12" single contained three different remixes.



The video


TV promotion

Rosenstolz promoted their new single "Nichts von alledem" in one of the biggest TV shows "Verstehen Sie Spass..." on May 27th in ARD. AnNa and Peter performed even their first single hit "Ich bin ich".




"Ich geh in Flammen auf" - the video

The video had its world premiere in the German music channel "Viva" on 4th August 2006. The animated film was telling a kind of the story of Rosenstolz - from the very beginnings in 1992 when the group performed in front of 9 people in audience until now.



Ich geh in Flammen auf - the single

The third single from the album "Das grosse Leben" featuring "Ich geh in Flammen auf" was released on August 25th in two versions. The cover featured a shot from the video with an ABBA poster behind Peter.

CDS 1 contained the song "Ich geh in Flammen auf" and a brand new song written on the summer holidays in Barcelona in June by Peter and Ulf entitled "Das Glück liegt auf der Strasse" (The happiness lies on the street). Other three tracks on the single were French versions of "Ich bin ich" and "Nichts von alledem" as well as demo version of "Ich bin verändert" were added as bonus tracks on the single.


CDS 2 featureed 8 remixes of "Ich geh in Flammen auf".



The DVD + 2CD

The DVD containing the concert in Leipzig recorded in spring 2006 was released on September 8th. Excerpts from the DVD were shown on German music channel "Viva" on September 6th.





AnNa and Peter were even guests in the Viva Live Show as a part of promotion of the live album and DVD.




Rosenstolz Live 2006


More pictures from the tour 2006.




Das grosse Leben Live

The DVD release was followed by the double CD containing the same material. Nice booklet featured several pictures from various concerts.





The Tour

The "Das grosse Leben tour 2006" ended in Berlin on September 10th on the Wuhlheide Arena.

The tour 2006

The tour 2007





Auch im Regen on TV

The fourth single selection became "Auch im Regen" - one more strong song from "Das grosse Leben". The first promotional performance of the song took place on charity gala on German TV ZDF on 19 October 2006.    


In November they appeared in RTL.



Bravo 50 years

When the German music paper "Bravo" celebrated its 50th birthday on 21st October Rosenstolz were there and performed "Hinter dem Horizont". The song was released on Bravo's celebration CD "Come together - a tribute to Bravo".


Auch Im Regen - the fourth single - release November 17th.

Greeting from AnNa and Peter to all fans on raffem.com

The fourth single selection became "Auch im Regen". The wonderful "Orchester version" was chosen for the single inclusion (CD1). A new song "Mein Sex" was included as well as a new version of "Woran hält sich die Liebe - Hotel Bretonnerie". The CD2 contained 4 alternative mixes of "Auch im Regen" and a special mix of "Mein Sex".






Two other limited versions of the single have been released on other formats - one more surprise from Rosenstolz. The vinyl 12" contained three remixes of "Auch im Regen" - one of them available only on this record. The vinyl 10" featured three remixes of "Mein Sex" - one of them available only here.




"Auch im Regen" - the video

Rosenstolz promoted their new single "Auch im Regen" in one of the biggest TV channels in Europe - RTL during the prime-time on 18th November. Even excerpts from the video were shown during the show.

Rosenstolz in "Dancing on ice" - the show 18 November.

The video



"Das grosse Leben" - limited edition CD + DVD

Two different limited editions of the album "Das grosse Leben" with different covers were released on 24th November 2006. The first version version contained a CD with 7 bonus tracks and the second one contained even a bonus DVD with all 2006 videos and making ofs. "Das grosse Leben" became the most successful album in Germany in 2006.






Die Remixe


Two promotional CDs containing all available remixes of "Auch im Regen" and "Mein Sex" were released at the end of 2006. The first CD contained 11 mixes of "Auch im Regen" totally 61 minutes of mix madness.








Die Goldene Kamera

Aus Liebe wollt ich alles wissen - video + single

Echo 2007 - the best pop/rock group award

The tour 2007

The Singles - The First Fifteen Years

Soubrette werd' ich nie - the 15th Anniversary Edition




Die Goldene Kamera


On February 1st Rosenstolz received the prestige prize "Die goldene Kamera" (The gold camera) as the best German pop act in 2006. AnNa and Peter attended the ceremony together with other celebrities and the whole show was aired live by the German TV channel ZDF. Rosenstolz performed the beautiful song "Aus Liebe wollt ich alles wissen" from their latest album "Das grosse Leben".





Aus Liebe wollt ich alles wissen - single & video


The video promoting the new single release "Aus Liebe wollt ich alles wissen" had its premiere on German music channel "Viva" on 2nd March 2007. AnNa and Peter appeared in the video very briefly and the main role was played by the German actress Sibel Kikelli well-known from the German movie "Gegen die Wand" which was awarded with Silver Bear on Berlin Film Festival. The video had been filmed in central parts of Berlin.







The single "Aus Liebe wollt ich alles wissen" was released on March 23rd 2007 as a benefit single. All income from its sales went to the German AIDS Stiftung.







Echo 2007


In the Echo 2007 gala on 25th March, Rosenstolz won the award as the best pop/rock group in Germany in 2006. The group performed their latest hit "Aus Liebe wollt ich alles wissen" live during the show.








The tour 2007


30.05.2007 Goslar/Kaiserpfalz

1.06.2007 Hamburg/Stadtpark

2.06.2007 Magdeburg/Rothehornpark

3.06.2007 Schwerin/Freilichtbühne

8.06.2007 Dresden/Platz an der Messe

9.06.2007 Heidelberg/Ladenburg/Festwiese

10.06.2007 München/Coubertinplatz

14.06.2007 Wien/Prater

16.06.2007 Bad Köstritz/Schlosspark

17.06.2007 Leipzig/Völkerschlachtdenkmal

18.06.2007 Berlin/Columbiahalle

Rosenstolz gave an exclusive benefit concert on 18.06. in Berlin, Columbiahalle. The income from this concert went to the AIDS Stiftung.

21.06.2007 Erfurt/Platz an der Messe

22.06.2007 Berlin/Wuhlheide

24.06.2007 Bamberg/Plärrerplatz

26.06.2007 Köln/Tanzbrunnen



The Singles - The First Fifteen Years - November 16, 2007


A special box containing all Rosenstolz maxi singles released between 1992 and 2007 came out in Germany on 16 November 2007.




Soubrette werd' ich nie - the 15th anniversary edition






The very first album of Rosenstolz "Soubrette werd' ich nie" from the year 1992 was re-released in the Deluxe edition on 30th November 2007. This edition contained 2 CD and a DVD with early TV performances of the group from the years 1992 and 1993.






Gib mir Sonne - the single release

Die Suche geht weiter - the album

The Tour 2008/09

Wie weit ist vorbei - the single release


Gib mir Sonne on Pride Parade in Berlin 28/6

The Rosenstolz wagon was there when the Pride Parade started in Berlin on Saturday 28th June at 2 p.m. The upcoming single "Gib mir Sonne" was promoted from the wagon.










Die Suche geht weiter - promotion


The group presented their new album for fans on "pre-listening" parties in July.


24.07.2008 Jena



Gib mir Sonne - the singles


The long-awaited new single saw its  release on 29th August 2008. The single "Gib mir Sonne" was released in two versions: CDS1 with 2 tracks and CDS2 with 5 tracks including Spanish version of "Gib mir Sonne", a non-album track and several remixes.








Gib mir Sonne - the remixes


Two more singles with several mixes of "Gib mir Sonne" were released for dj's and radio.


CDs 1



CDs 2





The vinyl releases


To special rarities belong several remixes of "Gib mir Sonne" released on vinyl 12" singles.




The video





Peter's photo session


The October edition of the magazine "Front" published an interview with Peter and absolutely stunning pictures.





TV promotion


The TV promotion of "Gib mir Sonne" started directly after releasing the album at the end of September. On October 12th Rosenstolz performed their new hit in the TV show "Nur die Liebe zählt" in SAT 1.







On Viva

AnNa and Peter were special guests on VIVA Live! on Monday October 13th. They were talking about their latest album and the forthcoming tour.





The last TV appearance before the 2008-2009 Tour took place on Saturday on 1 November 2008 in Pro7 in the show "Schlag den Raab". Rosenstolz performed "Gib mir Sonne".




Die Suche geht weiter - the CD/LP release

The long-awaited new Rosenstolz album "Die Suche geht weiter" saw its release in Germany on September 26, 2008. The special edition featured CD+ DVD with several specials and the documentary about the making of the album. The album was even released as a double LP on white vinyl.

The new Rosenstolz album included 12 songs. AnNa sang lead on 11 tracks and Peter on one: "Irgendwo dazwischen". All songs on the album are a traditional Rosenstolz mix of pop, chancon and ballad.







Official press release




The Tour 2008-2009

The tour started in Berlin on November 7th, 2008.




Wie weit ist vorbei - the singles

The second single release from the album "Die Suche geht weiter" was "Wie weit ist vorbei". Two different versions of the single were released on December 5th, 2008. The first single featured the single edit of "Wie weit ist vorbei" and previously unreleased song "Grüsse an mein Leben". The maxi single contained three remixes of "Wie weit ist vorbei", a demo version of "Bist du dabei" and one previously unreleased song "Schmetterlinge aus Eis".

Single 1

1. Wie weit ist vorbei (Single Edit)
2. Grüsse an mein Leben


Single 2

1. Wie weit ist vorbei (Single Edit)
2. Schmetterlinge auf Eis
3. Wie weit ist vorbei (Grönlandversion)
4. Bist du dabei (Demo Version)
5. Wie weit ist vorbei (Kurd Maverick Remix)






Remixes and promotion

The promotional CD single released for radio and dj's featured 7 different mixes of "Wie weit ist vorbei".








Traditionally more remixes were released on two vinyl maxi singles.



Happy New Year 2009 from Rosenstolz



All activities cancelled

AnNa on Echo Gala

Blaue Flecken - the single release

Rosenstolz Live

Ich bin mein Haus - the single


The tour stops

The last live performance on the Tour 2008-2009 took place in Hamburg on 26 January 2009. Peter's health state was so bad that it was not sure that the show would be completed. The doctors informed that Peter was not allowed to work more for the time being. All group's activities in 2009 were cancelled.


AnNa on Echo Gala

AnNa represented Rosenstolz on the "Echo Gala" in Berlin on 21 February. The group received two awards: the "Ehren Echo" (The Honour prize of Echo) for their engagement in the fight against AIDS and the prize for the best video.




Blaue Flecken - the single release

The song "Blaue Flecken" was chosen for the third single release from the album "Die Suche geht weiter". Three different maxi singles were released in Germany on April 3rd.

CDs 1

1. Blaue Flecken
2. Susi im roten Kleid
3. Alles ist erleuchtet
4. Blaue Flecken (3 Uhr morgens)
5. Blaue Flecken (Live in München)

CDs 2

1. Mike Candys Pumpin\x{2019} Disco Remix
2. The Disco Boys Remix
3. Beatzarre Remix
4. Boogie Pimps Vocalmix
5. ZPYZ Remix
6. ThreethirtyYeah Remix
7. Khord\x{2019}s boys don\x{2019}t cry mix

CDs 3

1. Blaue Flecken
2. Blaue Flecken (AnNa Elektronika)











Two vinyl editions of the single featured different remixes of "Blaue Flecken".



The promotion

The promotional CD single contained 7 different mixes of "Blaue Flecken".






The photo sessions for the "Blaue Flecken" covers were taken at the hotel "Bogota" in Berlin in May 2008.


Rosenstolz Live

A package "Rosenstolz Die Suche geht weiter live" with double CD, DVD and book from the 2008-2009 tour was released on 24 April 2009. The DVD and the CDs feature the concert recorded in Munich on 5 December 2008. The group performed 24 songs during the concert and the length of the show is about 120 minutes. The DVD contains even some extras as "The Making of" and its total running time is 160 minutes.








Peter is back!!!
Peter appeared on Monday July 3rd, in public for the first time since all Rosenstolz in 2009 were announced to be cancelled because of Peter's burn-out syndrome. Both Peter and his partner Ulf enjoyed the premiere of an American movie in Berlin. Peter said in short interview that it's getting much better now and he starts thinking about new songs. New Rosenstolz single "Ich bin mein Haus" will be released in the German speaking countries on 11 September 2009.




Peter and Ulf contributed with two songs for the German pop act "2raumwohnung" featuring Inga Humpe and Tommi Eckhart which were released on the group's album "Lasso" on July 31, 2009. The songs were "Rette mich später" and the title song "Lasso". It was Peter's first musical project after the burn-out syndrom period.



Ich bin mein Haus - the single

The single "Ich bin mein Haus" saw its release on 11 September 2009. It featured the metro radio edit of the song and 4 other songs from the album in new remixes.





Die Suche geht weiter - extended version

The extended version of the hit album "Die Suche geht weiter" was released in autumn 2009. The CD contained 19 songs - 12 tracks released on the original album in October 2008 and 7 bonus songs previously available only on singles as well as a previously unreleased Spanish version of "Gib mir Sonne". See the tracking list below.





Rette mich später

The song "Rette mich später" performed by "2raumwohnung" and co-written by Peter and Ulf saw its single release on January 29, 2010. Two different singles contained totally 11 different remixes of the song.



AnNa & Jan Sievers

German shooting star Jan Sievers invited AnNa to the recording studio where both recorded a song entitled "Nichts zu bereuen" which is included on Sievers' new album "Abgeliebt". The album was released on May 21st, 2010.


Frauen schlafen nie

New compilation CD featuring hits from the early period of the group's career entitled "Frauen schlafen nie" was released by Weltbild.



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