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TV Barrandov

Helena was one of the stars performing on a big gala arranged by new digital Czech TV channel "TV Barrandov" which started broadcasting on Saturday 11 January 2009. Helena performed her newest song "Love that makes crazy" from the forthcoming new studio album.


"Mona Lisa" - the musical

Helena played Caterina de' Gherardini in the musical "Mona Lisa" that had its premiere on 5 March. Even this role confirmed that Helena is absolutely great singer and performer. The Queen of Czech Pop received the biggest applause and most flowers even if her role was not the main one...

The Mona Lisa photo sessions


On 4 March Helena attended the premiere with Hana Zagorova.



The CD

The soundtrack CD from the musical was released in March. Helena sings two songs.



The photo session with Hana

In the spring 2009 Helena and Hana Zagorova took an extended photo session and gave an inteview to the Czech weekly "Vlasta".



Spring in Ritka

The "spring" photo sessions were taken in Helena's house in Ritka in April 2009.

courtesy: vondrackova.net



The Golden Collection

The box with 81 songs on 4 CDs saw its release in May 2009. The box features Helena's greatest hits as well as rare recordings. Each CD has its own title: CD 1 Greatest Hits; CD 2 Unforgettable duets; CD 3 Sladke mameni (the same as the title of Helena's smash hit from 1983 & 2003); CD 4 I will go on.



Helena and Martin - spring 2009

Photos of Helena and her husband Martin for the Czech magazine "Story" taken in spring 2009.



Helena on MDR

Helena was one of the three pop stars (with Karel Gott and Jiri Korn) who guided in Prague on Saturday 2 May on the German TV channel MDR. The show "Prager Verführungen" hosted by Kim Fischer and Johann Lafer was broadcasted on prime time between 20.15 and 24.00. Lots of rare videos with Helena singing in German were shown during the evening.



Photo sessions for "Style"

In June 2009 Helena posed for photo sessions for fashion magazine "Style".



The DVD + CD saw its release on 21 September 2009. The DVD contained whole concert from 21 December 2008 at Lucerna in Prague - totally 35 songs performed by Helena and her guests Jitka Zelenkova, Monika Absalonova and Michal David. The concert was absolutely stunning and the team behind the DVD managed to catch the feeling very well. Helena's voice was crystal clear and as usual she made a great performance. The CD features 15 songs taken from the concert - see the tracking list below.

Raffem.com debutes on stage after "Samba"...:-)



Photo sessions - Greece 2009

At the end of September Helena and the photo team went to the Greece and took an extended photo session on Creta island.


More Creta sessions

special thanks to Martin Michal




TV Ocko

Helena was the special guest on Czech TV "Ocko" on 28 October 2009. She was interviewed in the 1-hour-special "Inbox" about her new DVD/CD "Live" as well as the upcoming new studio album.



Zustavas tu se mnou - new album

The new studio album entitled: "Zustavas tu se mnou" ("You stay here with me") was released on Monday 23 November. The album featured 15 new songs and one bonus track - the song from the musical "Mona Lisa" in which Helena played one of the main parts in 2009 in the Broadway theatre in Prague. The songs on the new album represented lots of musical styles from pop ballads to South American rhythms as well as modern pop and rock. Helena even decided to make a cover on the old hit "No more Tears" performed originally by Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer - here together with Bara Basikova. Even an Billy Joel song "She's Always a Woman" got finally its Czech version performed by Helena. She recorded the song for the first time back in 1978 in German language for her album with the songs of Billy Joel in West Germany.

The booklet features beautiful photos taken in Greece at the end of October 2009. Totally the album contains 59 minutes and 47 seconds of new music performed by Helena.



The release party

The release party for the new album took place on 23 November 2009 at the Hybernia Theatre - Prague.



More promotion

Helena appeared on TV Barrandov at the end of November where she performed one song in the studio, gave an extended interview as well as she presented the new video to the song "You stay here with me" filmed two months earlier on Creta in Greece.


Live at Lucerna, 19/20 December 2009

Two sold-out concerts at the Lucerna concert hall in Prague confirmed once again that Helena is the biggest pop star in Czech Republic. Even the presence of hundreds of international fans from Germany, Russia, Sweden or Poland confirmed that she is one of the biggest stars in Central Europa as well. One of the Russian fans spent two nights and one whole day on the train from Moscow to Prague only to see Helena on stage. After the show it was time to take the same train back...

The new show performed by the star during the two sold-out nights at the Lucerna Concert Hall in Prague featured Helena at her best with both old hits and brand new songs released about four weeks ago on her new album "You stay here with me". The show had some absolutely stunning surprises as for instance Helena's dance performance of "Sir Duke" with 7 young tapdancers!

The concert started at 7 pm and ended after 11 pm - the giant show lasted 4 hours! Helena was dancing and singing and the audience did not want her to finish... She sang of course her evergreens as her version of ABBA's The Winner Takes It All, Lasku ma ja stunu, Cervena reka...

She was accompanied by a very good band and professional and talented three girls in the choir. Special guests: No Name and Sarka Vankova.



The Show

Special thanks to Ludmila M.      

After the show

Press meeting, after-party and our meeting - Helena and Stefan enjoy each other's company...

Special thanks to: Helena Vondrackova, Martin Michal and the MM Agency in Prague, Lenka D. (www.vondrackova.net) for supporting www.raffem.com



Christmas with Helena on raffem.com

Special wishes from Helena to her fans on raffem.com with this brand new previously unseen photo.



In Berlin

On 26 January 2010 Helena was guest of honour at the opening of the exhibition of costumes from Czech films for children which are well-known in Germany, Poland and other countries. She performed 3 songs - one of them in German lanugage. Lots of German and international Helena fans came to see their star singing. The fans represented many countries as of course Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden and USA.

Special thanks to: Helena, Martin K. Andre K.

Raffem party



Helena's career was featured in the TV documentary "Top star" broadcasted by Czech TV in February 2010. Helena was interviewed in the show.



Celebrities without make-up project

At the end of April Helena participated in a charity project "Celebrities without make-up" arranged by Czech magazine "Story". Several well-known top stars - actors and singers - posed for photo sessions without any make-up. High quality photos from the sessions would be later sold and money would be given to various charity projects.



Michal David

Helena posed together with Michal David in connection with his 50th birthday. David had been a good friend to Helena as well as composer of her smash hit "Dlouha noc".




Helena was a member of the international jury on the Song Festival in Vitebsk (Bielorussia) on July 8 - 16. She even appeared on stage on the first night of the festival and performed her hit "Dlouha noc".


Helena on Broadway

Three standing ovations...

...after the first and the second part of the concert "Helena on Broadway" on Tuesday September 21 at the Prague Opera confirmed

once again that Helena Vondrackova is one of the greatest singers in the world class.

Helena and her guests performed the biggest musical hits at the Prague Opera on September 20 and 21. Among all the hits there were two songs written by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus: "The Winner Takes It All" (from the film "Mamma Mia") and for the very first time performed by Helena (together with Bara Basikova) "I Know Him So Well" from the musical "Chess"!

Helena performed well-known hits from various musicals. There were songs from among others: Jesus Christ Superstar, Hello Dolly, Cats, Man of La Mancha, Hair, Les Misérables, West Side Story.


Just some of the songs performed during the evening:

I Know Him So Well (from Chess), The Winner Takes It All (from the ABBA musical "Mamma Mia", Call Me (from American Gigolo), I Dreamed a Dream (from Les Misérables), Just the Way You Are (from Movin' Out), Beauty and the Beast (from Beauty and the Beast), Somewhere (from West Side Story), Till I Loved You (from Goya), The Way We Were (from The Way We Were), I've Had the time of My Life (from Dirty Dancing) (with Jiri Korn), Hello Dolly (from Hello Dolly), Memory (from Cats) and many others.

The shows were filmed for a DVD release.

The Opera picture gallery


After party

Lots of guests attended the party after the show. Among the guests: Jitka Zelenkova, Bara Basikova and many other celebrities.

As usual: Thanks to Martin and Helena

Hallo Raffe! Jitka Zelenkova & Stefan Stefan & Jitka The dream team
Love you too... Raffem & the girls Helena & Bara



Helena was special guest on Polish TV in December in one of the most popular shows "Which melody is it?". She performed several songs and gave interviews for Polish TV.



Lucerna, December 19th 2010

One more smash success for Helena. The annual Lucerna Christmas show was held on Sunday, December 19. The Lucerna Concert Hall in Prague was filled with Helena fans and it felt that it should have been two concerts scheduled for this year just as it was in 2009.


Helena did a great show and it was almost completely different to the shows last year. Totally more than 3 hours on stage together with her absolutely fabulous guest from Poland - the pop diva Maryla Rodowicz who captured the hearts of the audience immediately.

In the first part of the show Helena performed her classical hits as "Neuc slunce hrat" and "Cas je proti nam" as well as "Lasko prokleta" (originally performed in Czech language by Hana Hegerova") and an sligthly different version of "The Winner Takes It All" (A ty se ptas co ja).

After the performance of the first guest - the group In Flagranti, Helena continued with more hits as "Prejdi jordan", "Stin po nas dvou" (from her latest album), "Just The Way You Are", "Bridge over the Troubled Water" and the Charleston Medley.


The Polish pop diva Maryla Rodowicz started the big party at Lucerna with 6 strong rock performances of her big hits - both old and new. She performed together with Helena the classical "Malgoska" and they both received standing ovations. The party continued when Helena came back on stage singing "Sladke Mameni", "Jedu kros", "Hej ty tam" and finally "Dlouha noc".

The show was planned to be over after "Dlouha noc" but it didn't as the standing audience wanted more. Helena made four extra numbers - two Christmas songs, "Lasko ma, ja stunu" and finally "Vzdaleny hlas" in disco version.

It feels more and more that the Lucerna Concert Hall is too small for Helena and she needs a bigger arena. We are looking forward to coming Helena concerts in the nearest future. As usual 10 points out of 10.





The first days of the year 2011 Helena and her husband Martin spent on vacation in Jordan.




Helena performed "Stin po nas dvou" (Break free) on the charity gala in Prague on March 2nd. The concert supported the Seniors' Fund Foundation of Tatana Kucharova.



On the radio

Helena was a special guest on Radio Zlin on March 8th where she promoted her new single "Stin po nas dvou" (Break free).


Stin po nas dvou

New Helena single from the album "Zustavas tu se mnou" was "Stin po nas dvou" (The shadow after both of us). Helena promoted it on TV and radio in February and March 2011.


Poland 2011

Helena revealed her plans for Polish newspaper "Dziennik Zachodni" at the beginning of March. The hightlights were a  big concert in Zabrze/Poland planned for May 22nd and a tour on the Polish Baltic coast in the summer 2011 together with Maryla Rodowicz.



Ja pujdu dal or... I will go on - DVD

New DVD with videos and rare performances from the period of 1968 - 2010 saw its release on April 29th, 2011. Totally the DVD features 32 videos and 4 bonuses - 120 minutes.


The photo sessions



Helena opened ABBAworld in Prague

Helena opened the exhibition ABBAworld on Thursday May 5th, 2001. She performed Czech version of "The Winner Takes It All" (huge hit in Czechoslovakia in 1981) and had fun performing together with ABBA on stage :-). The exhibition is held Slovansky Dum in the centre of the Czech capital and it will stay in Prague until the end of August.




Czech och Slovakian Superstar

Helena together with Jiri Korn performed two songs in the TV show "Czech och Slovakian Superstar" on Sunday May 8th, 2011.



The birthday concert

On Thursday May 9th Helena had her annual birthday concert at the Hybernia Theatre in Prague. The show was sold-out as usual when Helena is on stage. Several standing ovations and sweaty fans everywhere created a special atmosphere. She performed greatest hits as well as several songs from her latest studio album. She sang in Czech, English and French and each song performed by her resulted in great applause.

Special thanks to Martin Michal



The Houska gala

Helena was one of the stars performing on the Houska castle on August 6th. The concert's main purpose was raising money for the renovation of the castle.

(Thanks to Martin France for the pictures)



Tour with Michal David

In the autumn Helena went on tour together with Michal David. They gave several big concerts in Slovakia and Czech Republic with the final show at Lucerna Concert Hall in Prague on December 18th, 2011.



New Year's Eve

Helena was the main star in the traditional New Year's Eve's TV show in Slovakian TV Markiza. She performed several of her greatest hits as: "Sladke mameni", "Samba" and "Dlouha noc" and she received standing ovations.




The 65 tour

An extended 65 celebration international tour started in Brezno (Slovakia) on February 25th. More than 2500 people attended the first concert on the 65 tour.


In Italian

Helena recorded a new song together with Italian group Damichi. The song originally performed by Eros Ramazzotti is entitled "Fuoco nel fuoco". Helena and Damichi sing in Italian and it is included on the group's album "Insieme".



Photo sessions 2012

New beautiful photos taken during the spring 2012.



Helena 65 at Hybernia, Prague

The absolut hightlight of the "Helena 65" tour was the performance at the Hybernia theatre in Prague on June 12th. Tons of old and new hits, several standing ovations and of course happy birthday wishes and champagne filled this wonderful evening in Prague.



New book

A new book about Helena written by a journalist Petr Macek was issued in June. The book is entitled "Kazda trampota ma svou mez" (Every trouble has its limit).





Helena (not only) about love - 3 CD box

A new 3 CD box entitled "Helena (not only) about love" was released on August 31st, 2012. The box contains totally 62 songs and among them two new tracks and lots of rarities as for instance previously unavailable on CD English version of "The Heat Is On".

CD 1 and CD 2 feature Helena's greatest hits and some previously unreleased rarites. CD 3 contains songs performed in different languages as Polish, English, Italian, German.



The 2012 photo sessions

The "dancing" photo session for the 3 CD box release



Helena on Broadway

New studio album and live DVD entitled "Helena on Broadway" saw its release on October 5th, 2012. The album features 20 musical favorites chosen by Helena among them two Björn and Benny compositions: The Winner Takes It All and I Know Him So Well recorded in Czech language in new versions, the latter one is duet with Bara Basikova. The DVD contains almost the same track listing and it was recorded live at the Opera in Prague in September 2010.



Lucerna 2012

On December 22, 2012 it was time for the annual "Main Event" in Prag - the traditional Christmas concert at the famous Lucerna. The concert hall was as usual sold-out and about 3000 fans were waiting for the last show during the mega tour "Helena 65". Helena sang, danced and stepped in 3 hours. She performed songs from her latest CD "Helena on Broadway", her 2012 hit "Fuoco nel fuoco" with David Mattioli and Andrea Andrei as well as a mix of Christmas carrols and a new duet with the young pop star David Deyl. The show was finished with the biggest hits both the newest and the oldest ones with most of the fans in Lucerna dancing and singing... and of course standing ovations. One more confirmation that Helena is the biggest pop star in Central Europe as well as a great live performer.



The Show - The Queen live


After the show




Helena on Broadway in Poland

The Polish record company "Pomaton" released the CD/DVD set "Helena on Broadway" in Poland on April 23rd, 2013.



In Poland

Helena arrived in Warsaw on May 7th for a three-days-promotional trip. She appeared on Polish TV "TVN" and gave several interviews for Polish newspapers.


She gave an extended interview for Polish Radio Channel 1.



The Gay award

Helena is the biggest personality 2013 in the Czech Gay world. She attended a gala evening at the gay club Stage in Prague in May.


The birthday gala

On Wednesday July 3rd, 2013 it was time for the annual summer event - the birthday gala show. This time the concert was held at the Broadway theatre in Prague. Helena performed as always a choice of her greatest hits as well as some completely new songs which are going to appear on her new studio album due to release later this year. The audience was as usual enthusiatic and Helena was as usual in a great form.

On the arrival to the theatre Helena appeared on the red carpet where she posed for the photographers and gave several interviews.

Very special thanks to Helena and Martin from raffem.com




Helena was one of the stars on the Sopot Festival in the show "The 80's" along Rick Astley, Belinda Carlise and Opus on Friday August 23rd. She performed "Call Me" and of course "Malovany dzbanku". It resulted in standing ovations.



New CD

A brand new studio album "Touchy" (The Longings) saw its release on October 11th, 2013. The CD features 12 new songs containing the hit "Nemuzu bez tebe zit" (I cannot live without you). The total length of the album is about 45 minutes.



Alternative cover version


New photo sessions




Helena promoted her new album at the popular gay club "StaGe" in Prague on October 17th, 2013.



Wax Helena

A wax character of Helena was under construction during autumn 2013 at the famous Musée Grévin of waxwork museum in Paris located on the Grands Boulevards.



The promotional meeting

The promotional party with Helena took place at the Mount Steak restaurant in Prague on October 29th. Helena and her special guests christened the new album, performed some new songs and gave autographs.



New Year's Eve TV special

Helena is the main star in the New Year's Eve Gala Show on Slovakian TV. But it did not go so well during recording of the show and Helena landed on the floor...



The Christmas Tour

In December Helena toured with her Christmas tour visiting among others churches in whole Czech Republic as well as the Synagogue in Plzen. The big final at Lucerna in Prague with annual big gala concert on December 22nd, 2013

Pictures from the concert in Ostrava on December 12th, 2013.



Lucerna 2013

On Sunday, December 22nd it was time for the annual main event in Prague - Helena at the sold out Lucerna. The show with more than 40 songs both her greatest hits and brand new ones from her latest album "Touhy" released in October 2013. More than 3 hours of music with standing ovations and thousands of screaming fans in the audience. It was the last concert in 2013 after a very intensive promotion tour for the new album as well as the Advent tour in December.

The rehearsals

The show


After the concert



New Year's Eve on TV

Helena was one of the stars who performed in the New Year's Eve Gala show on Czech TV. She performed her 2013-hit "Nemohu bez tebe zit" (I cannot live without You) in front of dancing audience.



The 2014 photo session

A new exclusive photo sessions were taken in March.

Making of a photo session


The photo session



Wax museum

On May 1st the Grévin Wax Museum opened in Prague. Among the celebrities there is of course Helena. The pictures below were taken on April 29th on the press launch of the museum. Helena was of course there.


On tour

In April and May Helena was touring in Czech Republic.


On Karlstejn

Helena celebrated her birthday with the traditional concert - this time on the Karlstejn castle outside Prague. The open-air concert was very successful, featuring Helena in top form, great weather and great audience. Helena performed her greatest hits as well as songs from her newest album "Touhy".

Sound check


The concert



Best of the best

A double CD compilation "Best of the Best" saw its release on September 3rd, 2014. The compilation featured 40 great hits from all periods of her career as well as one new song "Ohen lasky" (The fire of love) as a bonus track.


Helena promoted her new double compilation album on September 3rd together with new Czech pop star Ondra Brzobohaty


The Christmas photo session

An exclusive photo session for the Christmas album - autumn 2014.



Kouzlo Vanoc

New Christmas album - the third in Helena's career - called "Kouzlo Vánoc" saw its release on November 14th, 2014. The album featured 13 Christmas songs, one of them performed in duet with Ondrej Brzobohaty.



On German TV

The German TV channel MDR invited Helena to a big Christmas show which was broadcasted on Saturday, December 6th. Helena performed two Christmas carrols in both German and Czech language. She even sang a duet with the German pop star Stefanie Hertel. In a short interview she talked about Czech Christmas traditions and Christmas food.



Lucerna 2014

As usual the Christmas Lucerna show of Helena was sold out months before. Almost 4 thousand fans came to hear and see the star. The Lucerna show was the last show included in Helena's autumn/winter tour in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Helena started surprisingly with a song which used to be many times the final song - Cervena reka (Red river) - her very first hit back in 1964.  This is maybe to point out that she has been on stage for 50 years this year. This song was followed by "Prejdi jordan" and a medley of other hits from 1960s. Helena carried on with several hits from different periods completing the first part of the show with the Gloria Gaynor hit "I will survive".

The second part of the show started with Christmas songs from Helena's latest Christmas album released in October this year. The album includes a duet with young talented singer Ondrej Brzobohaty. And Ondrej who was special guest star performed three songs from his latest studio album. Finally Helena performed her very latest hits from her studio album released in the autumn 2013 as well as 8-minutes-long hit medley created especially for this 2014 tour. And of course the final hits traditionally performed by the artist at the end of the show with dancing crowds in front of the stage: Sladke mameni and Dlouha noc.

But of course it was now over. Helena had to sing more and she chose to perform the legendary hit "Lasko ma ja stunu" from the film "The night at Karlstajn" and of course her own version of ABBA's "The Winner Takes It All" (see the exclusive video below). The final song was "Svou partu pratel jeste nastesti mam" (I have still my group of friends).

A ty se ptas co ja - The Winner Takes It All - the video, Lucerna, December 21st, 2014 (click on the picture below)


Lasko ma ja stunu - the video, Lucerna, December 21st, 2014 (click on the picture below)


Picture gallery

The rehearsals


The show



New Year's Eve

Helena peformed in three New Year's Eve TV specials in three TV chanels in Czech Republic and Slovakia at the same time.





Helena continued touring with her band in Czech Republic during the first months of 2015 with short holiday in Holland in May.


Helena sings for the shooting victims


Helena  played a charity concert on May 17th, in Uherski Brod (Czech Republic). All income from the concert (156.000 Czech Crowns) went to the families of the 9 victims killed at a restaurant in the town.

On February 24th, 2015, a mass shooting occurred at the Družba restaurant in the town of Uherský BrodCzech Republic. Nine people were killed, including the gunman, 63-year-old Zdeněk Kovář, and one other person was injured. Uherský Brod is 260 kilometers (160 miles) east-southeast of the Czech capital Prague. It became one of the two worst mass murders in the country's peacetime history.




Two musicals

In spring 2015 the management announces that Helena is ready for participation in the Czech set-up of the musical "Romeo and Juliet" (premiere in September) and as a guest star in the Czech version of "Mamma Mia" - the first appearance on October 23rd. The rehearsals started at the beginning of summer 2015. Helena continues even her concert tour in Czech Republic and Slovakia.



Rehearsals for Mamma Mia

At the end of August Helena started rehearsals for the musical "Mamma Mia" where she plays Donna.



Mamma Mia

Helena appeared as Donna in the Czech set-up of "Mamma Mia" in Prague for the first time on November 21st, 2015.



Lucerna 2015

The annual concert at the Lucerna concert hall in Prague took place on December 20th. Helena performed a 3-hour-show with all her hits. A very special segment of the show featured several songs from the Czech set-up of the musical "Mamma Mia" where Helena plays Donna. The songs performed in Lucerna were: "Super Trouper", "Dancing Queen", "Waterloo" and finally "The Winner Takes It All". The audience was singing and dancing together with Helena which one more time confirms that she is one of the biggest pop talent in her own country.




Mamma Mia

Helena performed in several "Mamma Mia" shows in 2016. The musical was played in Prague for the last time on December 31st, 2016.



Waterfall on vinyl

The cult album "Vodopad" (Waterfall) originally released in 2000 saw its re-release as vinyl LP in October 2016. All records in the limited edition of the album are autographed by Helena.


Lucerna 2016

Helena had her traditional Christmas concert at the Lucerna Hall in Prague on December 18th, 2016.




New album - Davno vim svy

New studio album entitled "Dávno vím svý" - release February 24th, 2017. The album contains ten new songs called by artist as "chancons".



Mamma Mia is back

After official closing of "Mamma Mia" in Prague the musical came back temporarily and was perfomed at the Hybernia Theatre featuring Helena as Donna between July 13th and August 13th, 2017.



Celebrating 70 - The Diamond Collection

As a part of celebration of Helena's 70th anniversary the record company Supraphon released a 5-CD-box "The Diamond Collection" featuring 105 songs some of them previously unreleased. Release June 16th, 2017.



The Diamond photo session





The birthday celebration

Helena celebrated her 70th birthday with several concerts. The performance in Brno on April 13th, 2017 was recorded by Czech TV and released on CD and DVD at the beginning of 2018.




Tvrdohlava - new album

At the beginning of September Helena released her new album entitled "Tvrdohlava" (Hard headed).


Photo sessions




Ostrov Heleny 2021

The first album from 1970 saw it's rerelease in 2021. The CD contains even several interesting bonus tracks performed in various languages. Even previously unheard version of "The Winner Takes It All" performed by Helena in English. Some of the bonus tracks were previously unreleased.




New book

As a part of celebration of Helena's 75th anniversary a new book about her life was issued in June 2022.



Love CD x 3

The 3 CD set with love songs was released in June 2022 as a celebration of Helena's 75th birthday. The box contained 62 love songs featuring a new one and many previously unreleased.


Photo sessions 2022