1. Eyes of a Woman

2. The Way You Are - Agnetha 1986

3. Agnetha & Christian - 1987

4. I Stand Alone

5. Agnetha 1989 & 1990

6. Agnetha 1995 - public appearances

7. Som jag är - the book 1996

8. That's Me - 1998

9. Agnetha 1999

10. Agnetha 2000 -2003

In January 1985 Agnetha started recording sessions for her new LP together with a new producer - Eric Stewart. Eric brought his own studio musicians to Sweden.





The "Eyes of a woman" photo sessions

New photo sessions were taken at several spots. One of them was the Drottningholm castle outside Stockholm.




Alternative 1

Alternative 2



The I Won't Let You Go session

One of the shots from this session was used as a cover picture for the single "I Won't Let You Go"



Agnetha - the photo sessions




The first single from the forthcoming album was a real nice surprise for all Agnetha fans. It contained two songs written by Agnetha and Eric Stewart. "I Won't Let You Go" was a good song with a very strong melody and great vocal. The song on the B-side "You're There" was not available on the LP/CD until 2005 when it appeared as a bonus track on the "Eyes of a Woman" remaster CD. The single which was released in March 85 became hit in Sweden where it stayed on the chart for 8 weeks peaking at #6


In West Germany "I Won't Let You Go" entered the single chart on April 15th, 1985 and it stayed there for 11 weeks peaking #24.

The single was released as 7" and 12" - the maxi version featured an extended mix of the song (6.04).


In Poland "I Won't Let You Go" entered the chart on March 16th, 1985 and it stayed there for 9 weeks reaching #10. In Belgium the single peaked at #7 and in Holland at #18 staying at the chart for 7 weeks.


The video



The sound on the album was more rocky and harder. The opening track "One Way Love" which would be the second single release from "Eyes of a Woman" was written by legendary Jeff Lynn from ELO. Agnetha contributed with "I Won't Let You Go" co-written with the producer of the album Eric Stewart who even had written two other songs - the beautiful ballad "I Won't Be Leaving You" and "Save Me (Why Don't Ya)". One of the most beautiful songs Agnetha ever recorded was without doubt "The Angels Cry" which was released as a single in The Netherlands. The photo sessions for the album were taken in the Drottningholm Castle outside Stockholm and featured Agnetha in dark blue clothes and a hat."Eyes of a Woman" stayed on the Swedish chart for 16 weeks peaking at #2.


Polar CD release


Polar cassette

In West Germany the album stayed on the chart for 11 weeks peaking at #30.


Polydor cassette


The German Club-edition of the album - extremely hard to find.


The album "Eyes of a Woman" entered the British chart on May 4, 1985 where it stayed for 3 weeks reaching no 38.



In the Netherlands "Eyes of a Woman" entered the LP chart on April 6th, 1985 where it stayed for 4 weeks peaking at #19.


The Canadian release.




As a part of the promotion of the album Agnetha made a TV special which got quite banal title "A for Agnetha". The special featured videos to several songs from the album mixed with scenes where Agnetha was telling small stories about herself and her career.



At home


More photo sessions

Agnetha posed for extended photo session in Stockholm in February 1985. She cut her hair short and she kept this image during several months when she promoted her new album in Europe.




At the beginning of March Agnetha was in Oslo where she participated in a big show in connection to the opening a new Sheraton hotel. The show was broadcasted in USA.



West Germany

On March 18-20, 1985 Agnetha was in Köln In West Germany where she stayed at the "Dom-hotel". She appeared in the WDR TV show "Känguru" where she performed "I Won't Let You Go" and "One Way Love". The album "Eyes of a Woman" was released in West Germany the same week. She promoted her new album by meeting fans and press.

Dom-hotel in Köln /Cologne




Känguru - WDR




After West Germany Agnetha went to Belgium where she appeared in the TV special "Mike". She gave an interview and performed her two latest single hits "I Won't Let You Go" & "One Way Love".


"Mike" - TV show



The second single release from the album "Eyes of a Woman" was "One Way Love" written by the ELO leader Jeff Lynne. The B-side of the single featured one more non-LP-track "Turn The World Around" composed by Randy Edelman.  The B-side track was released on CD first in August 2005 when it came out on the "Eyes of a Woman" remaster. A remixed 12" version of "One Way Love" was released in USA and became quite big hit on America's dance floors.

"One Way Love" did not entered the Swedish chart.


In West Germany "One Way Love" stayed on the single chart for one week at #37.



Agnetha appeared at the Montreux Pop Festival in May 1985 where she performed "One Way Love".




Gäster hos Hagge - Swedish TV

Agnetha participated in the TV special "Gäster hos Hagge" (Hagge's guests). She was interviewed by Hagge Geigert, a famous TV journalist from Gothenburg, she sang a medley of her hits live in the studio as well as she was totally surprised by having her own father as a special guest in the show. They performed together an old hit "En sommar med dig".


After "Eyes of a Woman" it was time to take a break again. Agnetha told to "Expressen" in the interview in June 1985: "... I've done my part for now...". But the musical story of Agnetha was not over...


Gold records...

... for sales of "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" and "Eyes of a Woman". Agnetha at the Polar Music AB headquarter in Hamngatan 11 in Stockholm. Even Björn and Benny attended the ceremony.



More singles in Holland

Besides the first single "I Won't Let You Go" Polydor in Holland made different single selections than the record companies in other European countries. The follow-up singles featured "Just One Heart" b/w "Click Track" and "The Angels Cry" b/w "We Move As One".




This single recorded by Agnetha & Ola Håkansson (Secret Service) in 1986 promoted Sweden as a candidate for the Olympic Winter Games in Falun in 1992. Falun didn't get it but the song became a big hit in Sweden and in several European countries. The song on the B-side "Fly Like The Eagle" was a duet as well. Both songs were featured in the documentary "It's time for Sweden".

The single entered the Swedish chart on November 5th, 1986 and stayed there for 14 weeks peaking at #1 (for 6 weeks).



Maxi version

A maxi version (6.32) of "The Way You Are" was released on maxi single in Sweden, the B-side featured an instrumental version of the song.


West Germany

Even in West Germany the single was released as 7" and 12". It did not become any bigger hit though.

West Germany  


The German maxi version of the single featured different cover to the Swedish one and partly different track selection - the single version of "The Way You Are" was added on the B-side.


Other courntries

"The Way You Are" was released internationally in France, UK, Australia, Holland and Belgium. On the Polish chart "The Way You Are" turned up on December 27, 1986 and stayed there for 3 weeks reaching #34.



An alternative extended version of "The Way You Are" (5.46) saw its release on the Secret Service CD entitled "Aux Deux Magots" in 1987.


The photo session



The Way You Are - the video



Cupol released a compilation LP "Sjung denna sång" (Sing this song) with Agnetha's rare material from the early years 1968-1974. All songs on the album had been transferred from original master tapes in the Sonet Studio on July 16th, 1985. The album contained mostly songs which had appeared as singles, B-sides and on records released by other artists as for instance two duets with Jörgen Edman. Even two songs re-recorded by Agnetha in English - "Golliwog" (orig. Gulleplutt) and "Here for Your Love" (orig Tio mil till Korpilombolo) were available on this LP.



The Collection

Another compilation album with Agnetha's songs recorded between 1969-1979 was released in 1986 in Finland. The LP was entitled "Agnetha Collection" and featured tracklisting which remained of the Swedish compilation album from 1979 "Tio år med Agnetha". There were though some differencies as for instance inclusion of the English version of "Tio mil till Korpilombolo" - "Here for Your Love".



Agnetha and Ola participated in the charity show "Flyktinggalan" aired by SVT on 4 October 1986. They performed both songs from their latest single.

with Ola Håkansson with Peter Cetera



The Way You Are on LP

In 1987 the record company Sonet Grammofon AB in Sweden released a compilation album called "Love Tracks". Both "The Way You Are" and "Fly Like The Eagle" were included on the LP which featured an alternate shot from the photo session on the cover.



Photo session - Ekerö

Agnetha posed for this session at home in Ekerö outside Stockholm. Pictures appeared in Scandinavian magazines.



På söndag - the single

At the beginning of 1987 Agnetha together with her 10-year-old son Christian started recording sessions for a new album at the Sonet Studio 2 and at Michael Tretow's studio in Stockholm. The album "Kom följ med i vår karusell" was ready in April and contained 16 happy songs for children sung by both Agnetha and Christian. The producers were Agnetha and Michael B. Tretow. The album was promoted by the single "På söndag" (On Sunday).



Kom följ med i vår karusell - the album

The album was available in Sweden on LP, MC and CD in the spring 1987. The photo sessions were taken on Lidingö outside Stockholm. The album would be re-released on CD in 2003.











Agnetha & Christian - photo sessions



With Peter Cetera

Agnetha met Peter Cetera for the first time in 1986 in the TV show for Red Cross in Sweden. They talked about a possible cooperation and in early spring 1987 Peter and Agnetha met each other again in Stockholm. The album was recorded in the Spring of 1987 at the Chartmaker Studios in California, USA. For the first time Agnetha was recording outside Sweden without ABBA musicians. It took 5 weeks to complete the album and it was a real challenge for the singer. She had a lot of ideas but she did not contribute with any own composition to this album.


I Stand Alone - the album

On November 9, 1987, the Swedish fans could hear the result of the collaboration between Fältskog and Cetera.

There were 10 songs on the album, one of them performed by Agnetha together with Peter Cetera. The sound was typical late 1980s and in many ways very American. Agnetha even covered the 1986 Bucks Fizz hit "Love in The World Gone Mad". The album was released in other countries at the beginning of 1988.

"I Stand Alone" was released as LP, Cassette and Compact Disc both in Europe and USA.

The album "I Stand Alone" entered the Swedish chart on December 9, 1987 and stayed there for 16 weeks peaking at #1. The album became Sweden's best-selling LP of 1988, where it remained at No.1 for eight weeks. In West Germany the album entered the chart on March 12, 1988 and stayed there for 3 weeks reaching #47.

In the UK "I Stand Alone" was released on February 29th, 1988 and it entered the LP chart on March 12, 1988 and it stayed there only for 1 week on #72. It also reached the Top 20 in Norway and Belgium, and No.22 in the Netherlands, but fared less well on charts elsewhere, only reaching No.93 in Japan and No.96 in Australia.




different track listing      




Original ads, promo photos, press release.



The album "I Stand Alone" did not make the US album chart even if the single "I Wasn't The One" made some progress on the various single charts. "I Stand Alone" was released as LP/MC/CD.





Estoy sola

The Spanish language territories received their own version of the album which was entitled "Estoy sola". The album contained two songs sung in Spanish: "The Last Time" (La ultima vez) and "I Wasn't the One (Who said goodbye)" (Yo no fui quien dijo adios).



The photo sessions



The last time - the video


The video for "The Last Time" was recorded a couple of days before Christmas 87 in Stockholm. The director Marcello Ansiano let a whole studio number 1 at the Film House in Stockholm re-build to a room full with furniture. A young blonde guy played Agnetha's lover. 





A fan photo

This unique fan photo was taken on November 19th, 1987.


Jacobs Stege - SVT

Agnetha was of course not interested in doing a big PR-tour around the world. She appeared in the Swedish TV show "Jacobs stege" hosted by Jacob Dahlin. She performed four songs from the album and gave a long interview. When Dahlin told to her: "You have to travel around the world now and do promotion for the album", Agnetha answered smiling: "I do not have to do anything at all". Bruce Gaitch the co-producer of the album was special guest on the TV show.


Later the same day Agnetha and Bruce were seen together at the restaurant "Cecil" in Stockholm having dinner.


The album "I Stand Alone" topped the Swedish chart and Agnetha was talking about the album on Swedish TV in December. It was probably one of her last TV appearances in Sweden in the 1980s.


Nu tändas tusen juleljus

The 1981 Christmas album "Nu tändas tusen juleljus" saw its CD release in Sweden in autumn 1987.




The Last Time - the single

The first single chosen for release was "The Last Time" b/w "Are you Gonna throw It All Away" - both tracks from the album "I Stand Alone". The single was released in the UK on January 25th, 1988. Even in other European countries the single saw its release in January 1988 and it was available as 7" and 12" (in some countries).

The single reached #49 in West Germany and it  appeared briefly on the UK chart on #77. In Belgium the single reached #22. "The Last Time" entered the Polish chart on 16 January 1988 where it stayed for 9 weeks reaching #30.


The maxi single featured an extended version of "The Last Time"(6.52) on side A and the 7" version of the song as well as "Are You Gonna throw it All Away" on side B.




Agnetha did her promotional trip to the capital of UK at the on January 26, 1988 where she stayed several days participating in TV shows, giving interviews and posing for photographers. The most important appearance was in "Wogan show" on February 3rd on BBC1 where she sang "The Last Time" and a Swedish traditional "Vem kan segla förutom vind" live in studio. She was interviewed by Terry Wogan. One more interview was done for the Breakfast TV (aired in the beginning of February).



On Dutch TV

Probably the last international interview in the 1980s was done for the Dutch TV at the beginning of 1988.



Photo sessions



Lill-Babs 50

Agnetha was one of the guests on the big party arranged for the Swedish pop diva Lill-Babs when she celebrated her 50th birthday in March 1988. She danced with her adviser Staffan Lindé.



I Wasn't The One - the single

The second single from "I Stand Alone" was "I Wasn't the One (Who Said Goodbye)". The single had been released in USA at the end of 1987 and at the beginning of 1988 it started to climb on the US charts. In April 1988 it was #93  on the Billboard's chart. It went much better on the US Adult Contemporary hit list where "I Wasn't The One" stayed for 12 weeks peaking at #19.



"I Wasn't The One" was released in UK and other European countries around May 16th 1988 but it did not became hit on the charts. 


The 12" version featured an extended version of "I Wasn't The One" on side A and a Spanish version of the song on side B as well as "If You Need Somebody Tonight".



The video

The American PR-team came to Stockholm in order to do a video for the song.  The two-days filming was done in the Old Town in Stockholm. Totally ten people were working with Agnetha during this time and the video cost half a million Swedish Crowns.



Let It Shine - the single

The third single from "I Stand Alone" was "Let It Shine" b/w "Maybe it Was Magic". The 7" single was released in two different versions - with the original version of "Let It Shine" and a remixed version of the song. The remix of "Let It Shine" was released as a limited edition single in Sweden. Two well-known Swedish singers: Mauro Scocco and Orup contributed with additional backup vocals and the ABBA musician Per Lindvall played cymbals.

"Let it Shine" wasn't very successful in Europe but it managed to enter the Polish Top 40 on March 4, 1989 reaching the highest position #31 on 8 April.


The maxi single contained an extended remix version of the song, the original version of "Let It Shine" and "Maybe It Was Magic".



The videos

Agnetha filmed two different videos promoting "Let It Shine".



Tio år med Agnetha on CD

In 1989 CBS Records AB released Agnetha's 1979 compilation album "Tio år med Agnetha" on CD for the first time. The CD contained 16 songs.



The wedding

On December 8th, 1990 Agnetha married Tomas Sonnenfeld, a surgeon who worked by that time at the Huddinge hospital in southern Stockholm. The ceremony took place in secrecy at the Ekerö church. Agnetha and Tomas were married until 8 July 1993.



Before Christmas Polar released CD entitled "Julens musik" (Christmas music) in the series "Stikkan Anderson väljer Polars pärlor" (Stikkan Anderson chooses Polar's pearls). The CD featured Agnetha's and Linda's album from 1981 "Nu tändas tusen juleljus" as well as Christmas carols performed by other Polar artists.




Björn's birthday

In April Agnetha attended Björn Ulvaeus' party celebrating his 50th birthday in Stockholm.



In October the same year Agnetha attended the premiere of the Benny & Björn new musical "Kristina från Duvemåla" in Malmö.




Som jag är - the book

The book about Agnetha "Som jag är" (As I Am) was published in Sweden in September 1996. The book was based on Agnetha's stories about her life and written by Britta Åhman .



The 1996 photo sessions



My Love My Life - the CD

In the early autumn of 1996 a double compilation CD "My Love My Life" was released. There were 37 greatest hits of Agnetha on this double compilation including both her Swedish hits from the period of 1968-1975, some ABBA songs and 7 songs from her post-ABBA period. In 1997 a bonus CD was released in a limited edition which was sold only by TV-Shop in Scandinavia during a short period of time. The extra CD contained 15 songs recorded between 1970 and 1975, "I Wasn't the One" from 1987 and two duets with her children from the albums released in 1981 and 1987.



Benny's birthday

On 16 December Agnetha was one of the guests on Benny Andersson's 50th birthday party in Stockholm.




Som jeg er

The year 1997 saw international releases of the Agnetha book. In Denmark the book was entitled "Som jeg er" and was issued by Peter Asschenfeldt's book club.



As I am

The book "Som jag är" was translated into English and published internationally. It had different size and much more ABBA pictures. The text though was the same as in the Swedish issue.


Ted Gärdestad's funeral


Agnetha was one of Ted Gärdestad's friends who wanted to take farewell on July 16th, 1997.







Lill-Babs' birthday

Agnetha was one of the guests on the big party celebrating Lill-Babs' 60th birthday on 9 March.



10 år med Agnetha

The compilation album "10 år med Agnetha" released originally on LP and MC in 1979 and on CD in Sweden in 1989 saw its re-release on CD in 1998 in Swedish and international versions. The international version featured titles of all songs translated into English on the back cover of the CD. All songs were performed in Swedish though.

Version: Sweden

Version: International




In November 1998 Agnetha was one of the guests at the old dance palace and jazz club "Nalen" in Stockholm.



The Queen of Hearts - the single

The single promoting a new hits compilation "That's Me" featured previously unreleased English version of "När du tar mig i din famn" from 1979.



That's Me - the compilation

A new compilation album came in 1998. This time the selection of Agnetha's hits was made for the international market. The previously unreleased song "The Queen of Hearts" (demo version of the 1979 Agnetha hit "När du tar mig i din famn) was included. A curiosity was the mono version of "It's So Nice To Be Rich" taken from the film soundtrack. By the time of releasing the album the original tape with the recording was missing! One song ABBA song - "That's Me" was included.




Görel's birthday

All former members of ABBA attended the 50th birthday of Görel Hanser in Stockholm in June 1999


gorel50agben1.jpg (23822 bytes) gorel50agben2.jpg (30011 bytes) gorel50agledin.jpg (23642 bytes) gorel50agnethastor.jpg (16993 bytes)  



The Winner Takes It All - the DVD

Frida, Björn and Benny participated in the British TV-documentary "The Winner Takes It All" celebrating 25 years anniversary of ABBA victory in Brighton with "Waterloo". Agnetha did not want to talk to the British journalists but she let them film her walking in the Drottningholm park outside Stockholm (see even: abba-related places). She was reading some parts from her book "As I Am" as well. 




Agnetha 50

In April Agnetha celebrated her 50th birthday at the restaurant "Pica Pica" in Stockholm. There were 50 nearest friends invited to the party among them Björn & Benny with their wives, Gunnar Hellström (Raskenstam), Claes af Geijerstam, Marie Ledin, Gudrun Andersson, Görel and Anders Hanser. Agnetha left the party at 4 am the next day after having danced rumba with Gunnar Hellström.


Agnetha at the Solna court in October 


The year of the "stalker" affair. There was a lot of articles in the Swedish tabloids speculating about the affair but it is still unknown what is true and what is untrue.





The stalker is back

The Dutch stalker terrorized Agnetha again in April 2003. In July 2003 the stalker was judged to a conditional sentence for maltreatment and breaking against the restraining order..



Kom följ med i vår karusell

The album "Kom följ med i vår karusell" originally recorded in 1987 by Agnetha and her son Christian was rereleased CD in the series "Guldkorn" in Sweden in 2003.



Agnetha was rocking at Cirkus

On July 22nd, 2003 Agnetha attended the Rolling Stones concert at Cirkus in Stockholm.



Agnetha's first car on auction

Agnetha's first car was sold on auction Germany together with original ownership licence from 1969. The car Triumph Sptifire MK was bought by young Agnetha on 12 June 1969.