Magnus Härenstam - "When I Kissed The Teacher" video

ABBA The Stamps

The summer cottage on Viggsö

The lexicon

Metronome Studio/Atlantis Studio in Stockholm

ABBA hand prints in Gothenburg

Polar Music Studios - Stockholm

The Polar Music office (after 1981)

The Polar Music office (before 1981)

Music Museum in Stockholm - ABBA corner

ABBA in Hall of Fame on the Arlanda airport in Stockholm

Glen Studio

Agnetha & Björn

The church in Verum

Ekerö - rare photos of Agnetha's house

At home (Agnetha & Björn)

Agnetha Fältskog's Jönköping

Björn's house in Stockholm

Danderyds sjukhus - Stockholm

Ekerö kyrka

Agnetha & Björn's house in Lidingö

Agnetha's house in Lidingö after the divorce

Agnetha and Björn in Vallentuna



Västervik by Björn Ulvaeus

Benny & Frida

Vällingby - Benny

The summer house - Benny

Benny's house in Stockholm

Anni-Frid Lyngstad's Zermatt

Anni-Frid & Benny's house in Lidingö

Frida and Benny in Vallentuna

Benny portrait at the Gripsholm castle

Frida in Sweden (Skåne)

Flat in the Old Town in Stockholm


Stikkan Anderson & ABBA memories in Hova

Stikkan Anderson's house Villa Ekarne

Stikkan Anderson's grave in Stockholm


The ABBA family

The Ulriksdal church - Görel & Anders Hanser's wedding



The church in Verum where Agnetha and Björn got married in 1971. The church is situated about 15 kilometers from the route E4 (in height with the town of Markaryd) when you travel by car from Helsingborg/Malmö to Stockholm. (The photos from June 2008).




Ekerö island is well known for many of ABBA fans. There lives Agnetha and nowadays also Linda with her family. 




The suburb of Vällingby in the north-west Stockholm is the place where Benny grew up. Here are some pics from Vällingby. Access by metro, green line to Vällingby.


At home

This is a related thing. The clock on the wall at Agnetha's and Björn's place in early 70s is called Angsby design and made in Sweden.





The summer house - Benny

Benny's house in Hyby Hage outside the town of Svedala in Scania in southern Sweden - the lanscape Skåne.


Agnetha Fältskog's Jönköping

Jönköping - a well-known city for all ABBA fans. Agneta Fältskog was born here in 1950.

im004917.jpg (42547 bytes)




Agnetha's family house is situated in the Eastern part of the city in Tegelbruksgatan 8 a.

Tegelbruksgatan - a view from Northern side. Here lived little Agnetha

The house Agnetha lived in as a young girl with her parents.

Agnetha moved from her family house probably in the beginning of 1969 to a new address. In the summer of 1969 she was officially registered in the Population Register in Bokgatan 10 in Jönköping.

The famous firm "Atteviks" where Agnetha worked as a switch-operator is still existing and nowadays they sell expensive German cars. The address in Jönköping is John Bauersgatan 1. (Thanks Pam)




Magnus Härenstam

An ABBA related person can be possibly this man - Magnus Härenstam the actor playing the  teacher in the famous video "When I Kissed The Teacher". Magnus passed away in 2015.

im005684.jpg (16029 bytes)Magnus Härenstam 1976

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im005837.jpg (20046 bytes)Magnus Härenstam 2000

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Benny's house

Benny lives with his family in Stockholm not far away from the TV tower (Kaknästornet). The house is called "Villa Lido".


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ABBA The Stamps

Swedish post issued ABBA stamps in 1983 and 2000.



Björn's house in Stockholm

Björn's house is beautifully situated on a little island in Stocksund north of Stockholm.


The summer cottage

The famous summer cottage where Benny & Björn composed a lot of hits like "Fernando", "Dancing Queen" and "Thank You For The Music" is situated on the summer island (still belonging to Björn) Viggsö in the Stockholm archipelago.  The group was filmed in the cottage for the TV special 1976 "ABBA Dabba Do" and for ABBA The Movie.


The lexicon

The famous photo sessions from ABBA's summer cottage in the summer of 1976 show Björn and Benny sitting and composing. A dark blue book lying on the piano can be seen on many pictures. What book is it? Actually I realized that I use the same book every day when I am writing the texts for this homepage... This is nothing else but SWEDISH-ENGLISH DICTIONARY published in 1970-71. With its help the lyrics for "Fernando", "Dancing Queen" and many more hits were written...


Danderyds sjukhus

Agnetha gave birth to both Linda in 1973 and Christian in 1977 at the Danderyds sjukhus (Danderyd hospital) in Danderyd outside Stockholm.


Frida in Switzerland

Anni-Frid moved from Sweden in 1982. Since then she has lived in Great Britain, France and finally she found her home in Switzerland. She owns an appartment in Zermatt in Switzerland. In the restaurant "Chez Heini" owned by Dan Daniell she meets her friends and has a dinner from time to time.



Stikkan Anderson & ABBA memories in Hova

The monument of Stikkan Anderson, ABBA's manager was raised in his hometown Hova. When you come to Hova you can see a bus stop and then a parking on the left side.  You find the monument there as well. If you continue about 20 meters on the same side of the street you reach the commune house and some ABBA memorabilia in the show-window.



Ekerö kyrka (The Ekerö church)

In this beautiful church on the island of Ekerö Agnetha Fältskog married Tomas Sonnenfeld in December 1990.


Anni-Frid & Benny's house in Lidingö

Benny and Anni-Frid moved from their flat in the Old Town in Stockholm to a giant house in Södra Kungsvägen in Lidingö in 1977. They lived there until their divorce in 1981.



Agnetha & Björn's house in Trädgårdsvägen

Agnetha & Björn lived together in the house in Trädgårdsvägen in Lidingö until 1979. After the divorce Agnetha moved to Jupitervägen (about 10 minutes to go). Björn stayed in Trädgårdsvägen.




Agnetha's house in Jupitervägen

After the separation from Björn Agnetha moved to her own house in Jupitervägen.





Stikkan's Villa Ekarne

Stikkan Anderson owned a huge house called Villa Ekarne near Skansen on the island Djurgården in Stockholm. He lived there until his death in 1997.


Stikkan's grave

Stikkan Anderson, ABBA's manager is buried on a little cementary behind the Nordiska Museet on Djurgården in Stockholm.



Benny and Frida in Vallentuna

At the beginning of 1970s the both ABBA couples moved to the northern suburb of Stockholm Vallentuna. They lived until 1975 very near each other in the part of Vallentuna called Rosendal. The district of Rosendal is quite boring and the houses stand very close each other. The colours of the houses today are different to July 1974 when the German Bravo photographer Wolfgang Heilemann took photo sessions there.

July 1974

April 2005



Björn and Agnetha in Vallentuna

Björn and Agnetha had their house about 50 meters from Benny and Frida in Rosendal. Even here the colour of the house has been changed.





Metronome/Atlantis Studio in Stockholm

Probably one of the most important ABBA related places after Polar Music Studios in Stockholm. Michael B. Tretow started here his career as a sound engineer and his cooperation with ABBA. Following albums were recorded here: Ring Ring, Waterloo, ABBA, Arrival, The Album and My Colouring Book (by Agnetha). The studio is situated in Karlsbergsvägen 57 in Stockholm.




ABBA hand prints in the amusement park "Liseberg" in Gothenburg

ABBA left the prints of their hands at "Liseberg" in Gothenburg. You can find them in the "hall of fame" among many other hand prints of famous people from all over the world.





Benny at Gripsholms Slott in Mariefred

Benny Andersson is the first former member of ABBA whose portrait is exhibited in the gallery of celebrities at Gripsholms Slott in Mariefred in Sweden. The portrait was painted by well-known painter Birgitt Broms. Benny himself is a great fan of Broms and owns some of her paintings.



Polar Studios

Polar Studios in Stockholm. The adress Sankt Eriksgatan on the Kungsholmen island. Easy to find. Take the underground green line to Sankt Eriksplan or Fridhemsplan. The studios were closed down on May 1, 2004. Polar Music Studios locals are used for muscle-subculture nowadays as a horrible gym "First Class" has been opened there. Still there are some traces after the glory times. You can still see the Polar Music logo and there is still the old ring bell near the entrance.

im000369.jpg (19777 bytes)

im000370.jpg (21303 bytes)

im001865.jpg (25222 bytes)

im001863.jpg (44530 bytes)

















The Polar Music Office - Hamngatan

The Polar Music offices moved to Hamngatan 11 in the city center on November 9th, 1981. Polar Music had its headquarter on Hamngatan for more than 10 years.


im007876.jpg (21621 bytes)

im007877.jpg (23623 bytes)

im007879.jpg (22881 bytes)

im009001.jpg (15168 bytes)



Polar Music Baldersgatan

ABBA's headquarter until 1981 was situated in the big house in Baldersgatan 1 in the part of Stockholm called Östermalm.


kontoret1.jpg (28260 bytes)

kartabaldersgatan.jpg (105155 bytes)


Musikmuseet in Stockholm - the ABBA corner

The Musikmuseet in Stockholm has a corner devoted to ABBA and their music. The piano which belonged Benny in 1974 can be seen there as well as some scene outfits and Björn's guitar.





ABBA on the Arlanda airport in Stockholm

The Arlanda airport outside Stockholm opened its own Hall of Fame in 2005 in the arrival hall in Terminal 5. Several big posters of world-known Swedish celebrities are displayed on the long wall. ABBA are presented as "living legends" with a well-known shot from the 1979 tour taken by Anders Hanser. Even a nice poster of ABBA's manager Stikkan Anderson is displayed.



Glen studio

Many of ABBA songs were recorded In Glen studio in Stocksund outside Stockholm. Even Agnetha recorded some of her solo material there. Some of the songs recorded in Glen Stduio: Ring Ring, songs for Agnetha's album "Elva kvinnor i ett hus", So Long, Man in the Middle, SOS, Hey Hey Helen, Rikki Rock'n'Roller, I've Been Waiting for You, Bang-A-Boomerang, Intermezzo No 1, Crazy World, Rock Me, Medley, Dancing Queen, Fernando, Thank You For The Music. In the autumn 1974 lots of pictures were taken both in the studio and outside in the garden while ABBA recorded their third album "ABBA".






The Ulriksdal church

On May 19th, 1980 all ABBA family including all members of ABBA gathered in the Ulriksdal church in northern Stockholm to attend the wedding of Görel and Anders Hanser. Lots of photos were taken that day.



Frida in Sweden (Skåne)

Frida owns in Sweden a property in Scania (Skåne) just a couple kilometers from the city of Landskrona (about 50 km north of Malmö). She lives here when she is in Sweden. She even owns an apartment in Zermatt (Switzerland) (see above).



Frida and Benny's flat in the Old Town

Frida and Benny lived in the middle of 1970s in a flat in the Old Town - Baggensgatan 21.


Västervik by Björn Ulvaeus

Björn's hometown Västervik still remembers Hootenanny Singers, folkpark life and of course Björn Ulvaeus. Here are some samples.

Björn's photo session at Fiskartorget in Västervik around 1979.


The mural in Västra Kyrkogatan.


The Hootenanny Singers photo session taken in the crossing Storgatan - Västra Kyrkogatan.


The hotel complex Slottsholmen, owned by Björn.

Folkparken in Gamleby outside Västervik. The home stage of Hootenanny Singers. Even ABBA performed there at the beginning of July 1973.

More ABBA related