The Visitors LP cover

The Arrival LP cover

Waterloo - photo sessions

Voulez-Vous - the cover

Super Trouper - the photo sessions

People Need Love session

The Greatest Hits cover - Hans Arnold

ABBA-The Album - photo sessions

Photo sessions for the LP "ABBA"


"The Visitors" - the cover

Pictures for the cover of the album "The Visitors" were taken at the Julius Kronbergs atelje in Skansen in Stockholm. Here are some more pics from the Julius Kronbergs atelje. The back cover of the album features several pictures which are hanging exactly like this in the atelje on the side wall (to the right).


Julius Kronbergs atelje in Skansen

The map of Skansen incl Julius Kronbergs atelje.


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The Visitors photo session





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Frida was sitting in a big red armchair


The red armchair




Björn & the chair      
back cover  




Arrival - the cover

Barkarby flygfält. Picture sessions for the Arrival album were taken at the airfield in Barkarby north-west from Stockholm City. It takes about 14 minutes by the local train"pendeltåg" from the city center. Take the train going to Kungsängen/Bålsta/Jakobsberg




The Waterloo sessions

The Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred is famous for its beauty and rich art collection. The castle was started by the king Gustaf Vasa in 1537. In 1974 ABBA made the Waterloo photo session in the castle.


"Waterloo" the LP cover



An alternate session for the "Waterloo" LP cover



The cover photo of the German LP "The best of ABBA" 1975. These pictures were taken in the throne room.


One more alternate photo session for the Waterloo LP cover was taken at the castle theatre.

alt decoration



You can get to Mariefred by train from Stockholm (it takes about 40 minutes) or by car - you have to drive E20 from Stockholm in direction Göteborg.


Alexandra Disco

Alexandra disco was a well known night club in Stockholm at the end of 70s and in the 80s. The photo sessions for ABBA's 1979 album "Voulez-Vous were made here. Alexandra disco does not exist any more but the house is still standing there of course. The adress is Döbelnsgatan 3 in Stockholm if you want to go there anyway.





Super Trouper photo sessions


One of the most famous ABBA sessions - the Super Trouper session - was taken at the Europa Studios in Mariehäll outside Stockholm in October 1980. ABBA were surrounded by their friends, acrobats, jugglers and sword-swallowers. The studio became a big circus. Thousands of pictures were taken that evening and the whole event was filmed as well. Some parts were used in the videos for "Super Trouper" and "Happy New Year". The Europa Studios are still existing and it is quite easy to get there. It is though a place which can be interesting only for real die-hard ABBA fans. There is not so much to see there.




How to get there? The adress is Tappvägen 24.

From the Central Station, take the commuter train (Pendeltåg) towards Kungsängen or Bålsta (leaves 4 times per hour). Exit Sundbyberg station (second stop). Follow signs to busses and taxis, Continue (in the same direction as the train) by Bus 113 from Landsvägen.
Bus stop: Solbergsvägen.
(Cross street: Tappvägen.)


People Need Love session

This little "house" is not easy to find without some help. It is situated in Djurgården near the Djurgård channel and bridge. You go there by bus 69 from central Stockholm. The bus stop "Djurgårdsbrunn" or ask the driver. Anyway we tried to pretend to be someone else when we took these pictures.




The Greatest Hits cover - Hans Arnold

One of the most famous ABBA covers was painted by a Swedish painter (born in Switzerland) Hans Arnold. Arnold was born in 1925 and came to Sweden in 1948. He has been very successful and well known since then. He has painted a lot of pictures for book covers, newspapers etc.


The photo sessions for ABBA The Album

This photo session was taken in the late summer of 1977. The place was the Riddarholmen island in Stockholm. It was not so easy to find out where the session was taken but on an extra wide version of the photo a church with two towers can be seen. There is only one church in Stockholm and it is the Högalid church on Södermalm. A big chimney can be also seen behid the group and this chimney is situated on Södemalm as well not far away from the church. One more mystery is solved...



The Högalid church as seen from City Hall

View from Riddarholmen on Södermalm (behind ABBA)






Photo sessions for the LP "ABBA"

Photo sessions for the album "ABBA" were taken at the hotel "Castle" in Stockholm in Riddargatan 14. One of the pictures from the session was featured on the back cover of the album. Today the hotel's name is "Riddargatan".


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