BRAVO in Stockholm, April 3, 1978

(all photos by Wolfgang Heilemann)

Wolfgang "Bubi" Heilemann arrived in Stockholm for an extended photo session which lasted all day. ABBA posed in different outfits. The pictures taken that day would be distributed to the media all over the world and used on the record covers. The 1978 single "Summer Night City" was the first record with pictures from this session.

Arrival and preparations


Polar Studios

Several pictures taken at the future Polar Music Studios.


The animal outfits

The 1978 animal outfits were featured during the promotion of ABBA The Album at the beginning of 1978. ABBA performed Take A Chance On Me in February 78 on German TV in the "animal" outfits.



The 1977 tour outfits



The green session


The gold coat session



The Summer Night City session

Shots from this session were used on the cover of the single "Summer Night City" released in September 78.
















Alternate session






The Telefunken session



The yellow session

The last sessions this day. You can see on Benny's watch that it was late afternoon 4.45 pm in one case and 4.55 pm in another case.


with instruments


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